Following are some of the incidents from the activity report for West Hennepin Public Safety, dated Aug. 30. WHPS serves Independence and Maple Plain. The incidents below took place in Independence, unless otherwise noted.

Friday, Aug. 23

At 8:27 a.m., driver was trying to turn his vehicle around at County Line Road/Elm Ave., Delano and the front tires slid off the road. The vehicle went into the ditch. Another motorist stopped to assist and pulled the vehicle out of the ditch.  

On the 5300 block of Painter Creek Green, someone drew a graphic chalk drawing on a driveway. Officer asked neighbors whether they had seen anyone or knew anything. No witnesses, suspects, or evidence are available at this time.

Monday, Aug. 26

On the 3600 block of County Road 90, male who is allergic to bees was stung. He left in a vehicle and went in an unknown direction. While en route, officer observed a person waving his arms out of a vehicle window. The victim was inside the vehicle and was treated until North Memorial EMS arrived, took over care and transported him to the hospital.

Tuesday, Aug. 27

On the 600 block of Nelson Road, patient fell off a short ladder in the bathroom and was found lying on the floor with an injury to his leg. Ridgeview EMS arrived, took over treatment and transported him to the hospital.

Wednesday, Aug. 28

On the 6100 block of Highway 12, report that someone was target shooting, and the bullets were ricocheting off of a business building. Officer located persons nearby who were shooting clay pigeons in a safe direction and using a 12-gauge shotgun. There was no ricocheting, but an echo was heard.

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