Following are some of the incidents from the activity report for West Hennepin Public Safety, dated Sept. 27. WHPS serves Independence and Maple Plain. The incidents below took place in Independence, unless otherwise noted.

Friday,Sept. 20

On the 400 block of Game Farm Road, female in extreme pain was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

At Highway 12/County Road 90, motorist reported that earlier in the morning a vehicle west bound on Highway 12 was going 40 to 50 miles per hour. Then the vehicle turned northbound on County Road 90 and continued to a travel at a very slow speed. Motorist turned in to his work place. Later the same male in the same vehicle stopped at the motorist’s work place and yelled at the motorist that he was riding him. He also threatened to come back and break some windows. Motorist didn’t get a license plate number. Motorist was encouraged to call 911 in the future.

At 9:22 p.m. at Highway 12/County Road 90, a 911 caller stated a white pickup truck in front of them was weaving back and forth and crossing the yellow center line and the white fog line. The caller stayed behind the vehicle, and officer stopped the vehicle. The driver, a 51-year-old male from Watertown, submitted a breath test which resulted in .19 Breath Alcohol Concentration. He was arrested, transported and booked into Hennepin County Jail for gross misdemeanor third degree DWI and gross misdemeanor open bottle.

Saturday, Sept. 21

On the 3800 block of Lake Haughey Road, a male in pain was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

At 3:35 a.m. at County Road 92/Highway 12, officer was dispatched for a vehicle that was in the ditch. The driver was still inside the car. The driver, a 32-year-old male from Montrose, submitted a breath test that resulted in a .18 breath alcohol concentration. He was arrested, transported and booked into Hennepin County Jail for gross misdemeanor third degree DWI.

At 12:43 p.m. at 3675 Ihduhapi Trail, report that a male was asking for a ride to Willmar because his mom is going through cancer. The male stated he was at Vinland, knew he had to stay but wanted to go see his mom before she dies of cancer. Officer contacted family members and found his mother was in the hospital and expected to recover. The male agreed to return to Vinland and Vinland advised he was welcomed back. Officer transported him to Vinland Center.

Sunday, Sept. 22

On the 100 block of Kuntz Drive, female fell from a horse and was suffering from a head injury. She was found alert, lying on a couch in the tack room with hip pain. Maple Plain Fire Department and North Memorial EMS arrived, took over treatment and transported the female to the hospital.

Monday, Sept. 23

On the 7200 block of Lake Sarah Drive, a walking stick left in a wood line near a trail on a homeowner’s property was moved and placed on the trail to trip someone. Also a portable deer stand had been moved previously and the wire fence cut.  The case is under investigation.

Tuesday, Sept. 24

At County Road 6/Ingerson Road, two trailers were parked on the shoulder of the roadway in blind corner of the roadway. Officer contacted a company employee who agreed the trailers were a safety hazard. The company would place some traffic cones to alert traffic to the hazard.

Thursday, Sept. 26

At County Roads 90 and 6, driver reported he was driving a company vehicle south on County Road 90 approaching County Road 6. He was not paying attention to the road and went off the end through a fence. The driver and company boss responded to a request from WHPS for crash information. The driver would not admit the reason for his distraction. The property owner of the damaged fence was notified. Total damages appeared to be over $1000.

Sept. 20 - Sept. 26

WHPS officers issued five citations for violations of the new hands free driving law.

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