The following contains a sample of calls reported by Rogers Police from Monday, March 9, through Monday, March 16.

Monday, March 9

An officer provided a ride to a subject that ran out of gas on the 13000 block of Main St.

There was an officer dispatched to meet with a resident at the Police Department who had concerns about a re-occurring issue with a neighbor. The complainant stated that after a recent event in which the police came to their neighborhood, their neighbor has been yelling at them from their home and verbally harassing her when she leaves her home. The complainant was informed about the requirements for obtaining a harassment/restraining order and advised to document issues with the use of audio/video recordings if need be.

There was a report of a gas drive off on the 21000 block of Diamond Lake Road S. The driver got gas and came inside. They grabbed a few items and forgot their card. They asked to pay with a phone and the company didn’t offer that. They said they would get cash at a bank and left their phone. Officers will follow up next week.

Anoka-Hennepin Narcotics and Violent Crimes Task Force assisted on an apprehension of a domestic assault suspect. Two were arrested after narcotics were found.

Tuesday, March 10

An officer was dispatched to a local restaurant where a party had fallen in the parking lot of 13500 block of Northdale Blvd. Officer arrived along with North Ambulance and the patient was sitting up favoring his right shoulder. Some people were standing around but no one had observed him fall. The pavement was dry and free from obstruction. The patient stated he suffers from seizures and believes he fell due to a medical event. Officer assisted medics in getting the patient on the cot, he was loaded in the ambulance for evaluation. Unknown on transport.

There was a report of a motor vehicle theft at a used car dealership in Rogers at the 13800 block of Northdale Blvd. The service department had a white 2008 GMC Acadia that had been interior detailed and was running on the west side of the garage to dry out. A service manager reported the vehicle was taken between 1330-1530 hours. It was reported to not be running the best and low on fuel. The vehicle was valued at $8,000. An auto theft report was taken and the vehicle will be entered as stolen.

An officer met with two males who were part of a non-profit affiliated with semi truck driving and donations to local law enforcement in their communities on the 21800 block of Industrial Court. They wanted a photograph in front of a police squad to post on their non-profit board. Officers accommodated the request. None of the photos taken had “Rogers Police,” and the contact was positive in nature. They requested donating to the Rogers Police to help someone in the area, and were given an email contact for the Chief of Police.

There was a report of a theft by swindle report phone call with a male reporting that he was fueling up at a Rogers gas station when he was approached by a male and female and 2-3 kids looking to sell jewelry they had claimed to be gold, in an effort to get cash. The sale came with a sympathy story of needing to do so for gas money, to be able to travel back across the border to their home. Partial data was obtained for the suspects. Loss is $1,000, after the jewelry was determined to be fake.

Wednesday, March 11

A nearby agency had a fresh terminated pursuit with a stolen vehicle. A similar vehicle was observed driving by with no plate displayed. The vehicle pulled into a business at Industrial Blvd and Industrial Court, and the driver was contacted. The 21-day temp was expired, with the driver advising he called and expects the plates the next day. Verbal issued.

Officers called the reporting party regarding a traffic complaint at Main Street and I-94. The reporting party stated that the driver of another vehicle threw a bottle at his vehicle as they traveled down Main Street. Officers contacted the other party involved who stated that he had not thrown any items at the other vehicle, but the other driver had thrown a piece of garbage at his vehicle. Officers advised both parties they would be following up if damage to either vehicle was reported.

There was a report that someone suspected their Saturday mail delivery was stolen on the 12600 block of Adeline Way. The reporting party subscribes to postal service informed delivery and was notified of four pieces of mail for Saturday. No mail was received Saturday but she has received mail on Monday and Tuesday, the four missing pieces were not delivered those days.

Officers were dispatched to a business located in the 21900 block for a theft report. Officer met with an employee who had video surveillance of a theft.

Officers responded to a theft in progress at a retail business in the 21900 block of Diamond Lake Road South. Officers arrested an adult female for felony theft due to a prior theft within the last five years. The female was uncooperative during the arrest process and spit at an officer. She was transported to the Hennepin County Jail where she was booked on felony theft and fourth degree assault on a police officer.

An officer located a stolen vehicle from another jurisdiction on the 21900 block of Diamond Lake Road. The reporting law enforcement agency and owner were contacted. The vehicle was searched for evidence and released to the owner. Additional property was located and identified as being related to this case. The property was also released to the owner.

The department was dispatched to a gas drive-off of $52.30 on the 21500 block of S. Diamond Lake Road. Reporting party reported a 2010-12 blue dodge pickup had left without paying for its gas. Suspect described as a middle aged white male. License plates provided by party came back not on file.

Thursday, March 12

An officer was called to the business at the 11100 block of 86th Ave. for found illegal drugs in a vehicle. Officer responded and took custody of items and placed them into evidence for destruction.

Officers were dispatched to the 24700 block of Tucker Road for a neighbor dispute. Officers called the reporting party who stated that a neighbor had yelled at her about her dog being on his property. The reporting party did not want officers to respond to speak to the neighbor and only wished to document the incident. Officers advised the reporting party to keep their dog in the yard. Officers told the reporting party to contact officers if the issue escalates.

Officers responded to a residence in the 13500 block of Pheasent Circle for a child in seizure. Officers arrived on scene and found the patient to be out of seizure. Officers assisted with medical care until North Ambulance arrived on scene and transported the child to Children’s Hospital.

A caller observed a young child in the front passenger seat of vehicle, last seen west on Interstate 94 from Main Street. The child appeared to be 2-3 years old. Incident occurred at around 1600 hours. Traffic complaint letter sent to registered owner.

An officer spoke with a juvenile who wanted to be a police officer when he grows up. He was provided a badge sticker and high five.

Officers responded to a driving complaint on westbound Interstate 94, passing through Rogers. The complaint was that the vehicle was all over the road and nearly struck other vehicles. Dispatch received two different calls. Officer was able to locate the vehicle on westbound Interstate 94, just west of 141st Ave N. Officer observed poor driving conduct. Traffic stop was initiated and the 60-year-old driver was found to be impaired. Driver was arrested and transported to the Rogers PD for a DMT Test; .14. Suspect was cited, booked and released to her husband.

Friday, March 13

An officer was requested to assist Osseo PD on a male that fled on foot who had warrants. Officer assisted in an area search for the male, but K9 was not deployed due to no perimeter and warrants being gross misdemeanors. Male not located at this time.

An officer returned a phone call to the reporting party regarding a social security scam. The reporting party stated he was contacted by someone claiming to be from the social security office informing him that his social security had been compromised. The reporting party provided the caller with vital information and became concerned he was possibly scammed. Reported no losses at the time and was advised to contact his banks, creditors, and the social security office to report the incident.

The department was dispatched to a crash with unknown injuries, car versus tractor trailer at I-94 and County Road 81. Officers responded, determined that there were no injuries, and assisted State Patrol with subsequent DWI arrest.

Officers were dispatched to check welfare on female sleeping in building vestibule. Subject had been drinking and said she was dropped off by friends. Subject provided name and date of birth that came back “Not on File.” Subject said she was 20 years old. Subject maintained that the name and date of birth she gave was accurate. Officer brought subject to Rogers Police Department for identity verification. Subject admitted to giving a false name. Subject had an outstanding felony warrant from Isanti County for Failure to Appear. Subject booked on the warrant and cited for False Information to Police.

Saturday, March 14

Officers were dispatched to a single family residence on one difficulty breathing with O2 stats at 40% and declining. Officer applied non-rebreather mask and O2 levels improved. North Ambulance arrived on scene and hot loaded the patient, taking her code 3 to Robbinsdale.

There was a report of a loud music complaint at an apartment complex in the 13600 block of Commerce Blvd. Officers checked the building but could not hear any loud music playing. No contact made with any tenants.

Sunday, March 15

There were officers were informed of a fire alarm issue at a residence on the 23000 block of Saddle Ridge Drive. Rogers Fire was dispatched to handle the call.

Officers received a call from an employee at a business located in the 21900 block of Diamond Lake Road South. The employee made officers aware of a possible suspect, known to be driving a stolen vehicle, who has committed thefts in retail businesses around the metro area.

Monday, March 16

Officers were dispatched to the 13400 block of Rogers Drive to check on a suspicious male. The male had reportedly been saying weird things to customers and talked about narcotics use. Officers made contact with the male. The subject denied any narcotics use and consented to a search of his person. No narcotics were located. The male is staying at a local hotel. No crime. No further action.

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