Monday, May 2

- Officers responded to take a report of a neighbor who the RP believed was trying to poison their dog located in the 13000 block Brookside Lane.

- Officer stopped a vehicle for failing to maintain its lane located along Interstate 94 and Main Street. Driver was revoked and had a sign and release warrant. Driver was released with a citation and new court date.

Tuesday, May 2

- Officers responded to a house fire on the 22000 block of Claire Court. When officers arrived, they located a small fire on the front of a residence and extinguished the fire. Rogers Fire handled the call.

- CSO called RP about an injured duck located on the 13000 block Brookside Trail. Referred him to the MN Wildlife Rehab Center.

- Officers were dispatched to a burglary report where a stove was taken between 4-18 and 5-3 located in the 13600 block Marsh View Trail.

Wednesday, May 4

- Officer responded to a property damage accident in a business parking lot located at 21400 John Milless Drive. There was minor damage to both vehicles, but no apparent injuries. The reporting party stated she just wanted to do an exchange of information for insurance purposes. An accident exchange form was given to both party’s involved.

- Officer was dispatched to the hit and run accident at a business located in the 21600 block Diamond Lake Road.

Thursday, May 5

- Officer assisted state patrol on a property damage accident on Interstate 94, west of Main Street. Officer stopped traffic to allow vehicles to safely move to the shoulder.

- CSO/CEO took down information of a found German Shepard located in the 12500 block Otto Street. Reporting party well keep animal also confirmed that if owner calls we can give out her information.

- Officer observed a burning garbage pile in the roadway located along Industrial Blvd and Industrial. Officer learned that the garbage was dumped by the garbage company due to the load smoldering. RFD was dispatched and the garbage company cleaned up the roadway.

Friday, May 6

- CSO noticed a stalled motorcycle on southbound Main Street, south of the Crow River. RO was havening mechanical issues. CSO gave the passenger a ride home. The RO waited on scene for a tow.

- CSO stopped by Hassan Elementary for their annual carnival located in the 14000 block Orchid Ave.

- Officers were dispatched to the area of Main Street and South Diamond Lake Road to check the area for a possible sighting of a missing person from Anoka. The reporting party stated he saw a male matching the description. Officers checked the area but were unable to locate the described male.

Saturday, May 7

- Officer assisted at conclusion of pursuit along Territorial Road and Tilton Trail.

- Officer responded to a theft of oil at a business in the 21450 block of South Diamond Lake Road. Upon arrival Officer was informed by an employee that stated they stopped the theft from happening, but wanted the party trespassed from the business. The party involved was no longer on site. Employee was advised to contact the police if the suspect returns to the store.

- Officer responded to the 21000 block of 141st Ave. for a minor property damage accident. Officer provided each driver with an exchange.

- A driver called in after following the steps of her insurance card to notify the Police after having been involved in an accident located in the 21500 block Diamond Lake Road. She had already exchanged information with the other driver from the minor PD crash that occurred on Main St./South Diamond. She was advised that if she fulfilled the statutory requirement by exchanging information, then she didn’t need to call the Police. She was given the case number and her name was obtained since she had called in.

- A stall which was also a minor car fire, was checked upon 13500 block Main Street. The driver was assisted in checking on his tow status, as well as providing emergency lights until the scene was cleared.

- Officer was dispatched to the 12000 block of Ash Drive for a report of stolen license plates.

Sunday, May 8

- Officer ran a routine registration check on an occupied vehicle at a business in the 13400 block of Rogers Drive. Officer observed the registered owner to be revoked.. Officer observed vehicle leave the business and proceed south on Diamond Lake Road S. Officer observed the driver to be an older female which matched the description of the registered owner. Officer conducted a traffic stop. Officer observed the driver to not be the registered owner.

- Officer received information regarding a resident who lost her dog in the 12100 block of Kelley Lane. The dog is a tan Chihuahua with no collar. The reporting party stated she had placed signs around the neighborhood with her number to contact if anyone found her dog.

- Officer replaced road barriers that were knocked over located in the 22400 block Territorial Road.

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