The following contains a sample of calls reported by Rogers Police from Monday, Aug. 26, through Sunday, Sept. 1.

Monday, Aug. 26

Officers were dispatched to a business on 135th Avenue North on a male in the pool room who appeared to be using the jets in the pool room for self pleasure. Officers were unable to locate the male and staff could not pinpoint a room. Management will be reviewing pool room surveillance in the morning and would forward information to officers.

Tuesday, Aug. 27

Officers responded to a 6-year-old male who had fallen and split his head open at Kohl’s. Officers arrived on scene and assisted with controlling the bleeding until North Memorial ambulance arrived on scene and took over.

Wednesday, Aug. 28

Officer located an occupied sedan full of juveniles that were found to be under the influence of alcohol at Mallard Trail and Goldeneye Way. Officers then located a house they were at drinking and found more juveniles under the influence. An adult male and juvenile male took off on foot and were apprehended a short distance away. Officers provided all under the influence a citation and contacted parents. The adult male who fled on foot was arrested for impeding the investigation process and transported to jail.

Officers responded to a theft in progress at Kohl’s. Officers stopped the suspect vehicle and arrested adult female, 28, for misdemeanor theft, and a male passenger, 32, for possession of drug paraphernalia. Both were released with citations.

Officer observed a pickup slam on its brakes causing the vehicle behind it to almost crash into him. Both vehicles then drove west onto I-94 at 95 miles per hour. Both vehicles were stopped and the officer learned that one driver cut another one off, starting a road rage incident. The driver of the pickup was cited for careless driving and speed with a mandatory court appearance. The driver of the sedan was cited for speed.

Thursday, Aug. 29

Officers were dispatched to a personal injury crash. Upon arrival officers learned the SUV failed to yield to oncoming traffic when attempting to make a left turn. The van attempted to avoid the SUV but was unsuccessful. The driver of the van was transported to the hospital. Both vehicles were totaled and towed from the scene.

Saturday, Aug. 31

Dispatched to one unconscious and barely breathing at 13600 Commerce Blvd.. Patient’s face and lips were purple/bluish upon arrival. Patient was unconscious, unresponsive, and struggling to breathe. Officer administered oxygen by bag-valve mask. Officer administered dose of Narcan. Patient responded affirmatively to the Narcan, regaining consciousness and patient was able to breathe on his own. Officers suspected patient ingested Percocet and alcoholic beverage. Ambulance responded and transported patient to hospital.

Officers were dispatched to Target for a shoplifter in custody. Loss prevention had a father and daughter detained for theft. The father selected 96 individual items valued at $681 and placed them into the cart. The daughter pushed the cart out of the store. The father claimed to not know what was happening; however, the same two people did the same thing at least twice recently at different stores. The 36-year-old father was arrested and transported to jail for gross misdemeanor theft. The juvenile was cited and released to a guardian.

Sunday, Sept. 1

Officer stopped a vehicle for speed (95/70) eastbound on I-94 from Main Street. The driver only had an instructional permit and showed signs of impairment and the officer detected the odor of alcohol. He failed field tests and refused a breath test. He was arrested for DWI and transported to the Rogers PD for the evidentiary test.

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