Monday, Jan. 3

Officers responded to a theft report at a business on the 13000 block of Rogers Drive. When officers arrived, they located the suspect in the parking lot of the business. The officers learned the suspect stole items after being overcharged. The officers spoke with the employees and suspect and later released the suspect pending charges.

Officer was dispatched to a previously reported crash scene in the parking lot of a Rogers retailer located in the 21000 block Diamond Lake Road. The RP stated a male and female in a mini van were tampering with the crashed car. Officers arrived and identified the parties on scene. The male falsely ID’D himself as another nd he had numerous warrants. He was arrested without incident for giving false info to a peace officer, violation of the order for protection, and outstanding warrants.

Tuesday, Jan. 4

An officer responded to the truck stop on a report of a minor property damage accident. The officer completed a crash exchange form for the driver who struck another truck when he was pulling out of a parking space.

Officers and Rogers Fire responded to a vehicle fire on Interstate 94 near Brockton Lane. After confirming the fire was out, the driver called for a tow and officers assisted with lights until the tow truck arrived on scene.

Wednesday, Jan. 5

While on the scene of a property damage accident on Interstate 94, a second vehicle went off the roadway and struck the median cable barrier. No injuries.

Officers were dispatched to an accident with unknown injuries on westbound I-94 West of Main St. The driver lost control of his pick-up truck, stating he lost control on black ice. He had a “suspended” license status.

Officer observed a driver of a vehicle without a seatbelt on and made a traffic stop located off John Millers Drive and Main St. Driver was found to be revoked and failed to transfer the vehicle title within the timeframe specified. Driver was arrested for no insurance.

Officers dispatched to an unknown injury accident involving a truck going through a fence in the area of Brockton Lane and Diamond Lake Road South. Officer located suspect vehicle who left the scene of the accident and did not notify the property owner of the damage.

Thursday, Jan. 6

Officers were dispatched to a two-cart push-out theft at a business in the 13800 block of Rogers Drive in Rogers. Vehicle had occupant/s arrested in Maple Grove.

A Rogers business in the 21800 Block of Industrial Blvd was called in on for a suspected business fire. Rogers Fire was summoned and partial evacuations took place from a nearby hotel due to the Haz-mat concerns. Rogers Fire gave the eventual all-clear.

Officer observed a stalled vehicle near the intersection of Territorial Road and 141st Ave. Officer was advised by the driver that his vehicle over heated as he was attempting to go to a friends house up the road.

Officer dispatched to a three-vehicle property damage accident at the intersection of Diamond Lake Road South and Northdale Boulevard.

Dispatched to a personal injury rollover on eastbound I-94 at 141st Ave. Officer arrived on scene and found no injuries. Single vehicle lost control on slick roads, went off road and rolled.

Officers monitored speeds and crosswalks during school zone times located in the 12000 block Main St. Related traffic stop was prior to school zone speeds.

Friday, Jan. 7

Officers responded to a call at a gas station, involving a dispute between a clerk and a customer located in the 21000 block Diamond Lake Road. The caller was upset but did not want criminal charges. Officers mediated the issue and the night manager said she would follow up with the store manager about the employee’s behavior.

Officer dispatched to a traffic complaint with a follower traveling northbound on Main Street. Caller reported the vehicle was all over the road.

Rogers Police received information on a vehicle that was speeding on I-494, heading toward Maple Grove. A plate was not provided.

MSP was unavailable and asked RPD to check on an occupied vehicle off road westbound I-94 at Main St. Officer located the vehicle 15 feet into the right ditch at the base of the entrance ramp. The 18-year-old driver was OK and had a tow en route.

CSO/CEO took a call from a paper delivery driver who picked up a dog/Huskey on her route in Dayton located in the 13000 block Brockton.

Saturday, Jan. 8

An officer responded to a call of debris blocking a lane of traffic on eastbound I-94 at Brockton Lane.

Officer dispatched to a traffic complaint with a follower of a vehicle all over the road traveling into Rogers on County Road 81. Officer located vehicle and determined driver was not impaired.

A party was wondering if the lights could be turned on for the rink ice that is located near the ECFE Building near Rogers Elementary located at the 12000 block Main St. The controls are locked in a trailer with no markings. The caller was advised the School Resource Officers.

Officer responded to a business to assist a motorist in unlocking his vehicle located in the 13000 block Commerce Blvd.

Sunday, Jan. 9

Officer dispatched to a found dog in the 21100 block of Rogers Drive. Caller said that the dog was running in the roadway dragging a leash. The dog had a black collar with no tags or identifying information on it. Dog was transported to Monticello Animal Shelter.

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