Monday, Oct. 11

Officer was dispatched to a theft from a boat which was parked in the driveway of a residence on the 12000 block of Cascade Lane. The victim believes the theft to have occurred in the early morning of Oct. 7. In the process of stealing a $2,000 fish finder, the suspect(s) cut and damaged the strapping to the boat cover.

The PD was dispatched to a signal problem for the second time this date. The signal was not picking up waiting traffic that exited eastbound I-94 to Hwy. 101, causing traffic to backup on I94. When officers arrived, the signals did appear to be cycling properly and traffic was not backed up. It is believed to be an intermittent problem and has happened in the past at that signal. MnDOT was advised.

Tuesday, Oct. 12

A resident on Fawn Trail called to report a train that was sounding its horn at 3:45 a.m. when it was stopping at a business. An officer responded to the area and found that there was not a train parked at the business. It was determined that the train did not stop at a business, but was sounding its horn as it approached and crossed Main Street.

Officers were dispatched to the Rogers Middle School on a report that there was a group of adults drinking near the ball fields. Officers found that there were some parents, coaches, and players who stayed after the football game to share some food and visit, but no one was observed drinking alcohol. All of the parties on scene were in the process of leaving.

Thursday, Oct. 14

CSO/CEO took custody of a one eyed yellow lab. CSO brought it to the Monticello Animal shelter.

Friday, Oct. 15

Officer was advised by a CSO of a person reporting a theft from vehicle report at Rogers High School after a football game.

An officer took a report of a theft from a vehicle in the high school parking lot. A suspect broke out a window and took a purse from the back seat of the truck. The incident is under investigation.

While taking a theft from auto report at Rogers High School, the officer was notified of another vehicle with a broken window and items missing from the vehicle. See report and related cases.

Addresses Involved

Saturday, Oct. 16

Officers responded to male in parking lot with dog running around the 21300 block of John Milless Drive. Manager was concerned the dog may get hit. Dog owner in parking lot for over an hour. Officer advised party leave..

Sunday, Oct. 17

A resident in the 23400 Block of Breckenridge Lane called concerned about bird hunters in the field to the south off Territorial Road. Officers located a group hunting and spoke with the property owner. One of the hunters was a subject who was given a hunting permit for the property in 2016. The land is not eligible to be hunted per zoning requirements and no current permit was sought or issued.

Rogers Police and Fire responded to a carbon monoxide alarm at a residence on Red Leaf Drive. The fire department personnel handled the call.

A resident on Foxtail Lane found a stray black lab, which was reunited with the owner.

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