Monday, March 23

Officers were dispatched to a residence on the 13000 block of Brookside Ln. in response to a resident who was concerned a neighbor breathing on their mailbox and telling other neighbors she was going to give them coronavirus.

Tuesday, March 24

Officers noticed a vehicle parked in the Northeast corner of the a parking lot of a closed business on the 21900 block of Diamond Lake Rd S earlier in the day and later moved to the Northwest corner of the lot. Unoccupied both times.

Officers were dispatched to a suspicious vehicle at the intersection of Bluewing Dr and Spoonbill Ct. The residents noticed a suspicious vehicle in the neighborhood possibly watching children. When the neighbors tried to make contact with the driver, he drove away. The residents got a plate and officers were able to make contact with the driver of the vehicle. It was confirmed that the driver had been working in the neighborhood and completing his paperwork from the work day in his vehicle. Officer spoke with RP and explained the situation.

Officers were dispatched to a residence on the 12300 block of Breanna Ct for a catalytic converter stolen from one of their vehicles. When officers arrived, they spoke with the resident who stated that her father placed a vehicle for sale outside the home and later noticed the catalytic converter missing.

Wednesday, March 25

Officers were dispatched to a business located in the 12800 block of Main Street regarding a harassment complaint. Officers spoke with the reporting party over the phone and learned that an ex-employee was posting negative comments about the business online. Officers advised the reporting party that at this point in time the posted content did not amount to a crime. Officers advised the reporting party of her options including applying for a harassment/restraining order. Officers attempted to call the ex-employee but were unable to reach her.

Officer responded to 24000 block of Trail Haven Road on a child custody issue. There was a disagreement between what the child custody paperwork stated. The father believed he didn’t need to give the child to the mother because she was taking advantage of the coronavirus and his attorney directed him not to give the child back until the following day. Parties were advised to contact their attorneys to come up with an agreement. Mom left the house with no issues.

Officers were dispatched to a business located in the 13600 of Rogers Drive. The reporting party told dispatch that a white male, wearing a blue sweatshirt, was running up and down the fire escapes at the business and throwing rocks at the building. Officers made contact with the subject on the east side of the building. The subject stated that he was waiting for a ride and admitted to throwing rocks at a fire hydrant. Officers advised the subject that the business was private property.

Thursday, March 26

Officers were dispatched to a care facility located in the 20600 block of Diamond Lake Road South for a male patient acting aggressively towards staff members. Officers made contact with the patient and staff members. The patient was transported by North to Mercy Hospital’s Unity Campus on a mental health hold.

Officers responded to a reported ‘slumper’ in a business parking lot. Officers spoke with the driver and suspected he was under the influence of an impairing substance. The driver showed signs of impairment during field sobriety tests and exercises. The driver was arrested for DUI - Controlled Substance. A search warrant was drafted and a blood draw was authorized.

Officers were dispatched to a residence located in the 14300 block of Thomas Trail for a reported identity theft. Officers spoke with the individual on the phone who told officers that he had received two bills in the mail from Verizon. The individual stated that he did not have an account through Verizon. The individual said he contacted Verizon and learned that his social security number had been compromised. Officers advised the individual to contact Verizon to get the account linked to the bills closed, and to contact the Social Security Administration to notify them that his social security number had been compromised.

Friday, March 27

Dispatched to check on vehicle that was driving on sidewalk in city park. Vehicle had loud exhaust and was last seen east on 141st Avenue from Raspberry Drive. Officer found fresh tire tracks through park, and vehicle caused damage to grass in park. Officer found litter in area with recent restaurant receipt. Investigation continues.

Saturday, March 28

Officers overheard a radio call from Maple Grove involving a hit and run. Officers were made aware the suspect vehicle exited in Rogers and located the vehicle. Upon contact with the driver the officer detected possible impairment. The driver submitted and failed standardized field sobriety tests and was arrested for suspicion of driving while intoxicated. She was administered a test and had a final reported value of .18 BAC. The vehicle was impounded and license plates were removed.

Sunday, March 29

Officers responded to a residence in the 20100 block of Goldeneye Way regarding a verbal altercation in the family. Officers learned two teenage sisters in the house were disagreeing with the step-father over electronic use. The teenage sisters then called their father to report the issue; the father then called police. Officer arrived and found it to be verbal only. One of the sisters left with her father and everyone else remained at home. The mother was provided the yellow card with resource information.

Rogers Police and North paramedics responded to a medical at the truck stop, involving a female who was 38 weeks pregnant and was in labor. The woman was in the back of a semi truck and her contractions were 2 minutes apart. Officers assisted until paramedics arrived. North ambulance arrived and transported the female party to a hospital.

Officers were dispatched to a business burglary in the 20000 block of Diamond Lake Rd. in which a window was found to be broken out of a door and the electrical box outside was tampered with. The building was primarily used as storage and occupied by a tenant’s seasonal business. A large amount of copper wire was removed from multiple electrical junction boxes inside the building as well as the transformer outside. Hennepin County CSI was called to process the scene

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