Monday, June 17

Loud Party: Dispatched to report of loud party. Homeowner advised of complaint and informed to keep an eye on the juveniles at her residence. Addresses: 4600 block Walnut Street

Animal Complaint: Dispatched to location of possibly sick coyote. Perimeter was check and no sign of the animal. Addresses: 200 block Hamel Road

Open Door: Dispatched to open garage door. Homeowner was advised of the open door and recent burglaries in the area. Addresses: 100 block Hillview Lane

Tuesday, June 18

Theft/Missing: Received phone call of a watch missing or stolen between May of 2017 and June of 2019. Addresses: 2000 block Hollybush Road

Scam: Received phone call of a scam call stating from Social Security Office. Information only. Addresses: 300 block Sunnyridge Lane

Wednesday, June 19

Abandoned Vehicle: Dispatched to check on a vehicle left in the parking lot for 5-6 days. Vehicle came back clear. Reporting party stated they would have it towed. Addresses: 4000 block Highway 55

Dumping Complaint: Dispatched to complaint of someone dumping a refrigerator, TV and tires in business parking lot. Requested extra patrol. Addresses: 40 block Medina Street North

Scam/Identity Theft: Victim received phone call stating social security number was popping up as fraudulent activity. Scammers were trying to verify last for digits of social security number. Found to be a scam number of out Texas. No loss. Addresses: 1600 block Hunter Drive

Disturbance: Dispatched to panhandlers playing loud music and an accordion in parking lot of business. Business had no issue with them as long as they stayed off sidewalk. Not contact made with panhandlers. Addresses: 300 block Clydesdale Trail

Thursday, June 20

Public Assist: Received phone call in reference to suspicious activity via electronic device. Reporting party stated someone hacked into his cell phone and compromising his information from a location in St. Louis Park. Reporting party advised to contact St. Louis Park Police Department due to the location of the suspected activity. Addresses: 3000 block Lakeshore Avenue

Loud Party: Dispatched to possible underage party. Some individuals dispersed upon arrival and homeowners were talked to. Addresses: 3000 block Basswood Road

Friday, June 21

Open Door: Open garage found. Yellow notification left on door. Addresses: 3100 block Wild Flower Trail

Vandalism: While on routine patrol a large amount of water was observed pouring out of a hose attached to the building. Upon investigating, it was learned the water spigot connected to the water fountain had been damaged. It was also noted that both restrooms had been tampered with. Addresses: 700 block Medina Street North

Saturday, June 22

Fireworks Complaint: Dispatched to possible fireworks heard. Upon arrival, unable to locate or hear any fireworks. Addresses: 40 block Highway 55

Suspicious Act: Dispatched to suspicious sounds being heard behind garage. Checked the area and nothing was found out of place. Addresses: 100 block Crestview Lane

Sunday, June 23

Vandalism: Three juvenile females were caught in the act of vandalism. All three were also in violation of curfew. Parents were contacted. Addresses: 4500 block Trillium Drive South

Animal Complaint: Dispatched to loose cows in the roadway. Upon arrival, animal owner in process of getting them back into the fenced area. Addresses: 4100 block Chippewa Road

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