The following is a synopsis of some of the incidents that occurred in the city during the week of Aug. 15 to 21, 2021. Refer to the city’s website Crime Mapping Section for additional details for the crimes of burglary, robbery, arson, theft and vehicle theft.

Sunday, Aug. 15

17700 block of 83rd Ave. — There was a report of someone driving by in a SUV and throwing a full can of soda at a truck parked in the driveway. The truck was damaged by the incident. There are no suspects.

13700 block of 74th Ave. — There was a report of a garage burglary that happened over the weekend. Tools, shoes and gold clubs were some of the items taken. No suspect information at this time.

9000 block of Elm Creek Blvd. — There was a report of a dog off leash at the noted location in the park. Upon arrival, officers were unable to located the dog and owner in question.

Monday, Aug. 16

12500 block of Elm Creek Blvd. — There was a report of a shoplifting at the noted address. The male suspect ran out of the store taking several purses and bags. This case is being investigated.

13500 block of 86th Ave. — There was a report of suspicious activity at the above address where a vehicle pulled up to the caller’s driveway saying he had lost his wallet and was trying to sell him some gold jewelry. He told them he was going to contact police and the vehicle sped off.

8800 block of Zachary Lane — Officers were dispatched for a report of a U-Haul in the back of the building near the dumpsters. Upon arrival, the driver of the vehicle stated they were scrappers and looking for scrap metal. Their story checked out. Advised to scrap during other hours to not raise suspicion.

A 30-year-old male was cited for theft on the 12500 block of Elm Creek Blvd.

A 44-year-old male was cited for driving after cancellation, warrant arrest, and possession of drug paraphernalia on the 7900 block of Wedgewood Lane.

Tuesday, Aug. 17

5700 block of Brookdale Drive — K9 officer assisted the city of Brooklyn Park in an article search after a shooting occurred. No items were located during the search.

6200 block of Juneau Lane — The department was dispatched to a call where the caller believed she was being followed. However, turns out the vehicle behind her also lived in the same neighborhood.

8000 block of Forestview Lane — The department was dispatched to a damaged vehicle where the driver’s door window had the glass cracked all over. No witnesses or suspects for the incident.

A 36-year-old male was cited for firearm or ammunition violation, possession of drug paraphernalia, and bumper required at Maple Grove Parkway and I-94.

A 30-year-old male was cited for theft on the 12500 block of Elm Creek Blvd.

Wednesday, Aug. 18

Upland Lane and Maple Grove Parkway — Officers pulled over a vehicle who had hit the median 3 times while on I-94. Upon further examination and field sobriety testing, the female driver was arrested for DWI.

9870 block of Maple Grove Parkway — There was a report of theft of fuel at the noted location. Security footage was able to capture a picture of the suspect and license plate. Case is pending/inactive.

12500 block of 95th Ave. — There was a report of a dumpling complaint where a couch was left in the street blocking the roadway. Public Works was contacted to remove the couch.

Thursday, Aug. 19

10400 block of 101st Place — The caller had received documents related to a bank account being opened in his name which he did not authorize. The caller closed the account and was advised to put an alert on his credit card file. No suspect information and no monetary loss.

15300 block of Grove Circle — There was a call of a vehicle being damaged while parked at a store. There was a large scratch on the driver’s side door when they came out of the store. No suspects.

17300 block of 91st Ave. — The department was dispatched to a phone call of suspicious activity where the caller thought someone was maybe following her in a vehicle while she was on a walk. She was unable to get a license plate and was advised to call again if the vehicle returned.

Friday, Aug. 20

9800 block of Maple Grove Parkway — There was a report of a gas drive off at the noted location. A gas drive off letter was sent to the suspect involved.

11200 block of 97th Ave. — There was a report of a wallet stolen from an unlocked vehicle overnight. No suspects.

11700 block of Fountains Way — There was a report that a theft had occurred which involved a tote bag which contained a wallet, MacBook charge and air pods. This case is currently active and being looked into to find a potential suspect.

A 49-year-old male was cited for assault and disorderly conduct on the 17200 block of 91st Ave.

Saturday, Aug. 21

8100 block of Wedgewood Lane — The department was dispatched to a person sleeping under the semi-trucks in the loading zone behind a grocery store. The officer transported this individual to a nearby bus station.

6700 block of Narcissus Lane — There was a report of a theft from auto where someone entered an unlocked vehicle that was parked in a garage with the door open overnight. Her wallet was missing from the vehicle. As of now, there are no suspects.


During this time period there were 30 property damage traffic accidents and five property damage injury traffic accidents.

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