The following is a synopsis of some of the incidents that occurred in the city during the week of Oct. 31, 2021 to Nov. 6, 2021. Refer to the city’s website Crime Mapping Section for additional details for the crimes of burglary, robbery, arson, theft and vehicle theft.

Sunday, Oct. 31

9300 block of Juneau Lane — Officers assisted the Maple Grove Fire Department to a house whose garage appeared to be fully engulfed by flames. Officers were able to get the residents out safely and the Fire Department handled the rest of the call.

13600 block of 59th Place — There was a report of a suspicious vehicle at the noted location that was idling for 30 minutes. Officers checked the vehicle out, and nothing suspicious turned up.

14100 block of Territorial Road — There was a report of a vulnerable adult being scammed into sending money to unknown suspects. Case was looked into further and unfounded.

Monday, Nov. 1

11700 block of Central Park Way — There was a report of an opossum in the reporting party’s bathroom closet. A community service officer was able to capture the opossum using a catch pole and release it into a wooded area.

16300 block of 70th Ave. — There was a report a vehicle was tampered with where a couple items were stolen. There is no suspect information and the items are not traceable.

8000 block of Wedgewood Lane — There was a report of a theft of multiple clothing items at the address above. Case is under investigation.

Tuesday, Nov. 2

9600 block of Union Terrace — There was a report of a suspicious vehicle parked outside of the reporting party’s house and possibly taking pictures. Upon arrival, officers were unable to locate the van.

Dunkirk Lane and County Road 30 — A 40-year-old male driver was cited for driving after cancellation.

11300 block of Fountains Drive — There was a report of a shoplifter who stole up to $500 worth of merchandise. No suspect leads.

Wednesday, Nov. 3

16400 block of County Road 30 — Officers were dispatched to a false alarm at a bank listed above. Officers did a walk through and found nothing suspicious.

Scimed Place — There was a report of stolen air pod pros while the individual was at work. At this time, it is unsure who took the air pods.

Hemlock Lane and Elm Creek Blvd. — There was a report of a panhandler on the median at the noted location. Officers advised the individual of the city ordinance and she agreed to leave the intersection.

Thursday, Nov. 4

9500 block of Rosewood Lane — There was a report of a stolen license plate while at a store shopping. At this time there is no suspect information.

11300 block of Fountains Drive — There was a report of two females causing a scene and making threats at employees at the address listed. Store management wants the individuals trespassed in the future if identified.

Friday, Nov. 5

6300 block of Merrimac Lane — There was a report that two vehicles were stolen out of the reporting party’s garage. The cars were recovered in another jurisdiction, but still no suspects.

7800 block of Main St. — An unidentified suspect stole a wallet out of a woman’s purse while out to eat at a restaurant. Case is under investigation to try and identify the suspect.

7300 block of Vinewood Court — There was a report of a theft from auto report where the suspect stole a MacBook laptop and other items. No known suspects at this time.

Saturday, Nov. 6

9400 block of Dunkirk Lane — There was a report of an individual that came into the store and stole an iPhone off the display case. Case is under investigation.

9000 block of Elm Creek Blvd. — An officer responded to an off leash complaint where two dogs were running loose around the tennis court. The officer issued the owner a verbal warning.


During this time period there were 21 property damage traffic accidents and seven property damage injury traffic accidents.

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