On Nov. 20, deputy responded to an address in the 7800 block of Maple Hill Road to assist Corcoran Police on a warrant arrest. Deputy stood by while Corcoran Officers made contact and took Daniel Eizenhoefer into custody for an outstanding felony DOC warrant. Deputy cleared call after male was taken into custody and transported to HCPSF for booking. No other action was taken.


On Nov. 18, deputy responded to an address in the 6200 block of Town Hall Drive to a report of a vehicle fire. Deputy arrived and saw Loretto Fire on scene confirm fire involving a white’93 Chevrolet GM4 pickup. The entire vehicle was destroyed. No other damage occurred on the property. Unable to determine cause of fire. No other action was taken.

On Nov. 21, deputy responded to an address in the 10200 block of Greenfield Road to a report of possible suspicious activity. Reporting party said a neighbor might have tried to lure her dog into a car on 11/20/19. Reporting party said that her invisible fence installer told her that a dark colored SUV stopped at the end of her driveway and a white female driver got out. Reporting party believed that the driver was a neighbor. Reporting party didn’t want any action taken, only wanted to document the incident. No other action was taken.

On Nov. 22, deputy responded to an address in the 7300 block of Indian Trail to a civil dispute complaint. Deputy dispatched for a possible HRO violation. Carver County contacted and uncertain the respondent had been served. Carver County stated to call Monday and speak to the civil department about the service statues. Information passed on the reporting party. No other action was taken.

On Nov. 23, deputy responded to an address in the 7800 block of Woodland Trail on a trespassing complaint. Reporting party said a Chevrolet pickup was parked in the grass alongside his driveway. Adult male was getting ready to fly a model airplane. He saw the bid open field and wanted to fly his plane after making repairs without driving long distance to where he usually brings the plane. Adult male was advised of trespassing laws and left. No other action was taken.

On Nov. 24, deputy responded to an address in the 6300 block of North Shore Drive on a Damage to Property report. A semitractor and trailer drove on to private property, causing damage to yard and driveway. Deputy took report and collected photos for damages that happened 11/20. No other action was taken.


On Nov. 18, deputy responded to an address in the 7600 block of County Road 50 to a property damage report. Reporting party advised deputy that the car accident occurred in the parking lot on 11/11/2019. Reporting party’s vehicle was parked next to the building when another vehicle back up and hit rear bumper with the front bumper causing damage. At the time of the accident parties exchanged information and agreed to not involve police. A quote of approximately price to fix damage car was given to responsible party, but she stated that she did not have the financial means to pay for the damages advice reporting party to go through his insurance company. Report taken via phone, no state completed due to occurring on a private property and past action report. No other action was taken.

On Nov. 19, deputies responded to an address in the 8000 block of Highway 55 to a disturbance unwanted person report. Deputies arrived at scene and identified Tony Michael Winslow. Winslow had a Hennepin County Warrant and two Carver County Warrants. Winslow was arrested and transported to the Hennepin County Jail. No other actions was taken.

On Nov. 20, deputy was assigned to the Rockford High School as a School Resource Officer. Deputy witness a student back his truck into the side of another parked vehicle in the Rockford High School parking lot. Deputy collected vehicle driver/owner information on both vehicles. Both vehicles had minor damage. Report was completed. No other action was taken.

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