Area moms have their plates full. Working everyday — whether it’s inside or outside of the home — taking care of the children and rest of the family, keeping up on household items, getting groceries ... the list goes on and on.

But what about mom? When is there just time for her and her health?

A local group, Moms on the Run, is here to help. The program is an instructor-led fitness program that focuses on cardio and strength training for women.

Sheila Kenyon, franchise owner of Moms on the Run Maple Grove, Plymouth and Brooklyn Park, took on the franchise in July 2018 after it was sold to her.  

Moms on the Run is an outdoor fitness class that runs from April to October. Kenyon said during the off-season (November to March), the group does strength-based classes indoors, as well as offer an outdoor component called Polar Club, for the most hearty runners of the group.

“All of the interval and strength workouts are led by certified group fitness instructors and the ‘run only’ options are led by qualified volunteers,” she said. “We meet women wherever they are at in their fitness journey. Some women are brand new to fitness, while some are experienced half and full marathoners. When women join our community, they are often looking for fitness, plus some level of accountability and as an ‘extra bonus,’ friendship would be great too.”

Kenyon added that the women in group’s community become like family. “We hold each other accountable in our fitness goals and are often pushing one another to new levels,” she said. “It’s a fantastic, supportive community and many women say they have ‘found their tribe’ with Moms on the Run.”

The Maple Grove location has been around for about 10 years, the Plymouth location for three and Brooklyn Park location for two years.

Since Kenyon has taken over the franchise, it has expanded its class offerings to include interval training, endurance running, marathon training, trail running and strength training.

At the beginning of the season, members are asked to write out their goals for the season. “Many of our women are just beginning their fitness journey with the goal of running a 5K by the end of the season,” Kenyon said. “Moms on the Run offers a 5K race at the beginning and end of the season on an official race course so women can see their progress from beginning to end of season. The end of season race is a really big deal and the amount of support and encouragement out on that race course in unlike anything I have ever experienced.”

She said that some of the more experienced runners in the group have a goal to run the Twin Cities Marathon in fall 2019, which led her to offer a marathon training program this year at her franchises. The program was written by Olympian, Carrie Tollefson, who is also the Fitness Director for Moms on the Run.

Exercise/Upcoming Programs

There are several options in being a part of Moms on the Run Maple Grove.

“Our 18-week signature programs opens Wednesday, April 24,” Kenyon said. These programs run through Aug. 23.

The training program allows attendees to participate in classes from one to three times per week, or utilize an unlimited class pass for up to 10 class options. Most classes run on weekday evenings, Saturday mornings or Sunday evenings around Maple Grove and Brooklyn Park.

Moms on the Run Maple Grove offers the following classes as part of the program.

Interval Training, which is the signature Moms on the Run training program. The workout consists of 30-35 minutes of cardio and a 12-15 minute strength workout utilizing hand weights and body weight movements.

Endurance Running is self-paced and is open to women of all fitness levels. Some women walk, some walk/jog, others run. The class begins as a 35 minute class at the start of the season and ends as a 75 minute class.

Marathon Training, a program was written by Tollefson, was designed for half and full marathoners. The program will be meeting at different parks within Plymouth, Maple Grove and Brooklyn Park, so runners can train at different elevations and get a change in scenery.

Trail Running allows runners to have the opportunity to train on different types of terrain — rocks, dirt, grass, through water, etc. These runs are bi-weekly.

Strength Training includes 12-15 minutes of strength training offered at each interval class. The Sole-ly Strength & Toning class is a 55-minute class that utilizes HIIT (high intensity interval training), strength training and body weight movement exercises. Each class is different so it stays interesting. Often times extra equipment, such as agility trainers, core balls, stability balls, kettle bells and resistance bands will be utilized.

Kenyon added, “We also workout at the Maple Grove Dome on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. There are a lot of people walking on the track at this time and we get a lot of people who wonder who we are and what we are doing.”

Kids are always welcome at any Moms on the Run class. “When your kids see you taking care of your body and health, they will be more likely to take care of their own body and health,” Kenyon said. “We have many kids who ask their moms if they can come to class because it is so much fun. Some kids are old enough to run on their own. Some kids are pushed in jogging strollers.”

More Than Just Workouts

The Maple Grove group isn’t just about exercise.

Moms Night Out is offered each month. “This year, we will be stepping that up a bit, by offering mini Moms Night Out socials right after class,” Kenyon said. These will be 15-30 minute socials that take place after class once per month at each location and are open to anyone at any location to join. Some offerings might include watermelon feed, ice cream social, popsicle party, etc.

“Once a month, we will do a large Moms Night Out where we will do something like go paint pottery, do a meditation and reiki class, or just hang out at someone’s house for a night in,” she added. “We also do community events together. We recently volunteered with Feed My Starving Children, which will become a quarterly event in 2019, and Maple Grove Fire is hosting a Fire Prevention class for us at the fire station on March 9, which is open to the community.”

Kenyon said, “Maple Grove moms should join Moms on the Run if they are looking for a community within their community, where they will feel supported in their fitness goals, want to surround themselves with positive, upbeat women who enjoy being involved in their community, and just want to have fun.”

Spring registration is now open. To learn more about Moms on the Run Maple Grove, visit

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