The Dayton City Council provided its thoughts regarding a concept plan for a proposed Kwik Trip gas station, convenience store and truck stop at its May 11 meeting.

The council also reviewed a concept for a future 243 single-family residential development.

City Administrator Tina Goodroad shared the news with the council that the city received a FEMA grant. “With help from Wenck, [the city’s engineering contracting service], and their staff, we received a FEMA grant award for the three generators. This is equivalent of an award of almost $185,000. That’s a nice award for the city of Dayton,” Goodroad said.


The council reviewed and gave comments on an application for a Kwik Trip concept plan for a gas station and convenience store, along with a truck stop. This site would be located south of the Dayton Parkway expansion, west of Holly Lane and north of Maple Court.

This project is similar to the Kwik Trip project that will be located at County Road 81 and Brockton Lane, except for the truck stop with 47 overnight semi-truck parking stalls. This second Kwik Trip project would be similar to those stores in Otsego, Clearwater and Sauk Rapids.

The building is proposed to be located in the northern portion of the lot with the gas pumps to the south of the site and store. The diesel pumps will be located in the southwest corner. The truck stop parking area will be to the west of the site.

“We really wanted to see the building as tucked up as close as possible to the intersection, just so as you’re coming off the interchange that is your view,” Goodroad said.

She mentioned staff had been working on the truck stop component, as there is nothing in city code to specifically address truck stops.

“There are some additional services that are provided, mainly showers, so this building is a little bit larger than a typical Kwik Trip to accommodate for that,” Goodroad added. “Some concerns from staff is the potential crime that can come with trucks parking overnight.” She said the staff concerns have been expressed to Kwik Trip.

Screening would be provided around the truck parking area.

Councilor Julie Gustafson agreed with staff concerns. “I am super not a fan of having a truck stop at the gateway to Dayton,” she said. She was worried about potential criminal activity.

Councilor Troy Okerlund stated the truck stop along Highway 10 in St. Cloud looks similar to the concept for the Dayton truck stop/gas station proposal. He asked if there were any crime stats from the St. Cloud truck stop location.

Applicant Dean George, with Kwik Trip, said, “Generally speaking, our truck stops are very well lit and there are security cameras all around the premise.” He added the stores do not sell condoms or certain types of magazines, that might promote criminal activities, but did not have any specific crime stats with him.

Staff will look at the possibility of putting conditions in a conditional use permit in the future for security and a fewer number of truck parking stalls.

The council did not make any further recommendations or motions. This item will be brought before the council at a future meeting.


The council also received a request for a concept review for a future residential development, located west of the River Hills neighborhood and south of County Road 12/Dayton River Road.

The project would consist of 243 single-family homes. Of this, 172 of the lots would be 65 feet wide and 71 of the lots would be 75 wide.

There would also be an amenity lot with a clubhouse, pool, private park/playground, and sports court. The homes are anticipated to range from $700,000 to $900,000.

The council only needed to provide some comments and input on the project concept. No council action is needed or has been made at this time.

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