Commuters driving by St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church in Brooklyn Park, just on the Osseo border, may notice the ponding area looks quite different, especially near the intersection of 93rd Avenue and Jefferson Highway.

Heavy construction equipment has been down in the pond area to help fix the retaining wall along Jefferson Highway.

According to Norm Olafson, St. Vincent’s Business Administrator, “The retaining wall on the west side of the pond in front of the church has shown increasing deterioration and failure over the last few years.”

The pond is owned by the church, but is part of the West Mississippi Watershed District, and the city of Brooklyn Park assumes responsibility for its maintenance.

City engineers are working with JACON Construction for a solution. “The chain link fence and retaining wall are being removed and a 5-foot flat area will be installed directly adjacent to the trail,” Mitch Robinson, Brooklyn Park Water Resources Engineer, said.

There will then be a gradual natural grassy slope to the pond.

Vegetation is being removed where necessary so the pond can be deepened to maintain its capacity.

The church had originally hoped to have all the work done by Christmas Eve. “It turned out not to be the case,” Olafson said. “Apparently, due to weather, we understand JACON’s deadline with the city is actually sometime in March.”

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