The city of Maple Grove is adopting a new notifications system for its residents and those people who work in the city. This new system is free to use.

Maple Grove CodeRED is a high-speed mass notification system that will provide critical information promptly via telephone, text messages, and emails. Critical information includes time-sensitive information, emergencies, or urgent notifications.

Maple Grove, through an existing contract with OnSolve LLC, will begin delivering three tiers of information through the CodeRED application. Maple Grove CodeRED is a free community notification system that will send alerts concerning time-sensitive and/or emergency information that may impact areas within Maple Grove.

According to Maple Grove Fire Chief Tim Bush, who is also the city’s emergency manager, said, the city decided to create a way to provide emergency notifications. “This was highlighted during the current COVID-19 pandemic and again during last year’s need to impose a citywide curfew due to civil unrest,” he said.

He added the city looked at several options, evaluating each system’s abilities and prices. CodeRED came out on top. The cities of Brooklyn Center, Corcoran, Crystal, Golden Valley and New Hope are currently using this system in their cities.

There are three tiers that people can sign up for. People can customize their preferences.

Tier 1 includes emergency notifications are messages containing important public safety information. These messages are sent to all contacts within the Maple Grove CodeRED system database. These are the highest level and most important messages sent by the city. These messages will only be used by city staff for emergencies and hopefully only a few times each year. The messages can also be sent to specific areas within Maple Grove by use of geofencing when a particular emergency does not affect the entire city. Examples include 911 telephone outages, missing persons, civil unrest, and other events that create a danger to public safety.

Tier 2 includes general alert notifications with important messages that do not rise to the level of an emergency. These alerts provide citizens with information that allows them to make personal decisions based on the situation. Examples include burning restrictions, utility outages, and water main breaks.

Tier 3 is community information that provides individuals with the option to receive non-emergency information related to their personal needs. Community Information notifications are only sent to people who want to receive them. There will be four options for community information — crime alerts from the Maple Grove Police Department, parks and recreation events, parks and recreation facility updates and street repair and utility work.

Bush said CodeRED has an app designed to keep users safe and informed while on the go. It’s a free download and allows receipt of push notifications directly to mobile devices. The app works with Maple Grove CodeRED. If someone has the app downloaded and are in an affected area of the alert, a notification will be sent through the app to alert them of the issue.

Bush added, “The app is unique because, for example, if we have a Maple Grove resident who is traveling to another community that also uses the CodeRED system; they will receive any emergency alerts from that specific area while there. It’s just another way to stay safe when you’re away from home.”

Residents and businesses with traditional landline telephones are already included in an initial database of phone numbers, but cell phones and other mobile devices require users to enroll their contact information to receive emergency and optional general information. No one should assume that they are already in the emergency contact database. The city is encouraging residents to take action and register their cell phones for this service and verify their home location to receive targeted notifications.

“Maple Grove already has several ways to provide residents with updates, including our city website and e-subscribe message service,” Bush said. “However, we recognize that most people use their mobile devices as a primary means of communication. I wanted to make sure that we have a way to quickly send emergency and other important information directly to citizens in Maple Grove.”

People interested can create a managed account for Maple Grove CodeRED. This will allow them to change or update their settings and customize the types of notifications they receive. Enrolling in Maple Grove CodeRED can be done at Or individuals can text MAPLEGROVE to 99411

The city recommends that individuals create a managed account when they enroll for the CodeRED service. This will allow them to make changes in the level of service they receive or to opt-out at any point.

“Maple Grove CodeRED will allow us to provide timely and accurate information to our residents and businesses,” Bush said, “At the same time, it has the flexibility to allow individuals to choose the level of communication that best fits their needs.”

There is also an internal capability that allows notifications to be sent to city staff on an emergency basis. Messages can be sent to all staff or specific groups of staff.

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