Some people may remember the days when fresh bottles of milk were left on your doorstep each morning. The days of the milkman have been gone for some time. Or have they?

Last year Brad Hagfors starting thinking of a business concept based on the milkman delivery-service model.

“I did some research to see if the concept would work,” he said. “I ran into a guy with the last remaining milkman route in town.”

That man was retiring, so Hagfors decided to take over the route and make some modern twists to the business, creating Dairy2U. Customers in the northwest suburb area can place their order online at and Hagfors or one of his drivers will deliver the products to a home or office. Beyond milk, people can buy eggs, cheese, ice cream, bread, coffee, and fish. He said the milk is more expensive, but it comes from grass-fed cows and does not have any GMOs.

Families that like to eat healthier

All the products for sale are locally produced.

“The area community of farmers has been losing ground to the big stores,” Hagfors said. “I came up with the concept to get local farmers and small businesses into people’s homes. We are supporting local.”

He added, “I was able to amass great products from people that don’t have the bandwidth to market themselves.”

Hagfors started in the St. Cloud area, which is where most of the products are sourced. Although a farmer from Rogers is now selling eggs on the site. The pizzas are from a husband and wife team from Detroit Lakes.

Now Hagfors is expanding his delivery to Maple Grove, Plymouth and Rogers. He is set to deliver to Osseo and Dayton as well. Dairy2U plans to begin delivering to St. Michael, Albertville, Monticello and Big Lake in the coming month.

Hagfors used work in real estate and lived in Maple Grove until about five years ago. He grew up in Minnetonka.

“A Maple Grove family told me that they are so happy we expanded our delivery area,” he said. “They grew up on a farm.”

He added that people have been excited to hear that the bread for sale is from Backwards Bread Company. “They have a stand at the Maple Grove Farmers Market,” Hagfors said. “They usually sell out within two hours. When I approached them, they told me they were looking to do a bread delivery route. Now I can deliver the bread right to their homes.”

The whole idea of Dairy2U was to “Bring the Farm to Their Table” and buy local, support local helps local farm partners and small food businesses to gain stability and increasing profitability on their bottom line.

Hagfors said with many businesses being affected by COVID-19, it was a “godsend” to work with the local farmers and small businesses. He added that COVID-19 has temporarily made Dairy2U not as personal. “We drop off the deliveries in a cooler,” he said. “We wear masks and gloves to make the deliveries safer. And we don’t get to talk as much to the customers.”

There are currently four drivers, but Hagfors is looking to hire four to five more. Each driver has their own delivery area, so the customers get the same delivery person each time.

Hagfors said he likes supporting the local businesses. “After covid, I think people will start supporting local businesses,” he said. “It’s all about trying to keep small businesses running. They are the backbone of our community. The Dairy2u model does this. And people love it.”

Dairy2U is, “Old fashioned service in a modern way,” Hagfors said.

To learn more, call 763-373-6455 or visit

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