On Monday, May 11, students from Maple Grove and Osseo High Schools converged on local liquor stores, tagging spirits, beer and malt liquor products with hangers alerting shoppers not to provide those under 21 with alcohol. Partnership for Change, a local youth substance abuse prevention coalition based at North Memorial Hospital in Robbinsdale, hosted Sticker Shock with the help of local liquor stores, law enforcement and student leaders.

The students are part of Action for Reaction youth groups at Maple Grove and Osseo Senior High Schools. The project represents a partnership between youth, retailers, prevention professionals and law enforcement with the goal of educating adults, raising public awareness about underage drinking and strengthening the deterrent effect of laws against providing alcohol to minors.

Sticker Shock and Partnership for Change’s spring campaign Day After Today joined forces this year to encourage teens to enjoy a safe prom and graduation season without the use of alcohol and drugs. The ultimate goal of Day After Today is to initiate conversations between youth, parents, and other caring adults about smart choices and motivate teens and parents to take the Day After Today pledge.

“Sticker Shock is a wonderful vehicle to remind adults purchasing alcohol that it is unsafe and illegal to provide it to those under 21,” said Amber Smith, coalition coordinator for Partnership for Change. “It was natural, this year, to combine Sticker Shock with the Day After Today campaign, which reminds community members to be extra vigilant during this celebration season.”

Osseo’s Police Chief Shane Mikkelson and Maple Grove Police Detective Jon Proulx were on hand to support the students.

“Our community will be a safer place if we keep alcohol out of the hands of youth,” Chief Mikkelson said. “Sticker Shock is a great way to remind everyone to make good choices when it comes to youth and alcohol.”

Proulx commended the students for working to keep other students safe. He said, “By being part of Action for Reaction at their schools and taking part in Sticker Shock, reminds everyone it is illegal to provide alcohol to anyone under 21.”

MGM in Maple Grove, Premier Wines and Spirits in Osseo, and Princeton Liquors in both Osseo and Maple Grove participated in Sticker Shock. The students involved with Sticker Shock said they appreciate the businesses’ willingness to partner with Partnership for Change to reduce underage drinking.

Action for Reaction is a youth leadership program sponsored by Partnership for Change that is led by student leaders who promote safe and substance free choices. Partnership for Change is funded by a federal Drug Free Communities Grant and a grant from the MN Department of Human Services, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division. For more information about Partnership for Change or to sign the Day After Today pledge go to partnership4change.org or call 763-581-3762.

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