The Medina City Council, Tuesday, Sept. 15, approved a request from the Long Lake Fire Department to replace its 17-year-old extrication tool with a tool employing modern technology.

At the meeting, the council also took up other business. Here are meeting highlights.



Long Lake Fire Chief James Van Eyll came before the City Council to request approval for replacing the department’s extrication tool with a new model that can exert more pressure while cutting into vehicles damaged in accidents. The result would be faster cutting time – a benefit that would help firefighters dealing with Highway 12 traffic accidents.

Van Eyll said his department hopes to save a few thousand dollars by purchasing a demo tool. However, he is waiting to decide about the purchase until he hears whether the Long Lake Fire Department will get federal CARES Act funds for necessary pandemic expenses. The city of Orono has approved the tool purchase.

The Long Lake Fire Department is one of four fire departments that serve Medina. The other fire departments are Hamel, Loretto and Maple Plain.



In other matters, the City Council accepted a total of $6,000 in donations from community members. The donations are earmarked for purchasing protective gear for Medina Police officers that was not in the police budget. The six donors are Gary Petrucci, Addison and Cynthia Piper, David and Katherine Crosby, Eleanor Crosby, John and Patricia Anderson and Ralph and Peggy Burnet.

Public Safety Director Jason Nelson said that a community member had told him that he wanted to donate money for items that would assist in protecting officers in the event of civil unrest. The resident asked other residents if they also would be willing to donate money.



Turning to the subject of baseball fields at Hamel Legion Park, the City Council reviewed a plan submitted by the Hamel Athletic Club (HAC) for converting Quad Field 1 into a Little League Field and installing eight T-ball fields.

HAC would fund 100% for converting Quad 1 to a Little League Field by adding grass to the infield, creating a 46-feet mound and adding a fence at 200 feet. The club also proposes to create eight mini t-ball/ coach pitch fields (four per Little League field) in the space between the old 300-feet and new 200-feet fences on Quad 1 and Quad 4. HAC also wants to reconvert Quad 3 to an intermediate size field.

The Park Commission has approved the request with the condition that HAC work with city staff on parking and stormwater concerns.

After hearing from HAC, Mayor Kathleen Martin and City Councilor Dino DesLauriers said they wanted more information. The council tabled the request to the next City Council meeting to allow time for the research.



The City Council also learned that the concept plan for Hunter Lions Park has been posted on the city website and will be in the city newsletter. The city is asking residents to contribute feedback.

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