Maple Grove to map out growth plans for 2 huge areas

Shown here is the draft of the land use for the Northwest-610 Master Plan area. The plan will be adopted by the Maple Grove City Council.

At its latest meeting Nov. 4, the Maple Grove City Council considered two master plans for two separate areas within the city — the Northwest-610 area and the Gravel Mining Area South.


City Planner Manager Peter Vickerman stated that engineers have been working with staff to create a master plan for the Northwest-610 area.

The objectives for the master plan are to: identify and generally locate major and local roads, parks, trails, open spaces, types of housing units and their densities, identify wetland and tree preservation or protected areas, and to identify other resources considered significant by the stakeholders. Stakeholders included property owners, city staff, site planner, development community, Three Rivers Park District, the Hindu Society of Minnesota and the Osseo Area School District.

The planning process began in fall 2018. As a growing community, the city recognized the need for strategic and detailed planning for the Northwest-610 area.

The area is a largely agricultural area with significant natural features. The study area is bound by the city of Corcoran to the west, the city of Dayton to the north, the city of Rogers to the northwest, and I-94 to the east. The Osseo School District is planning to build an elementary school on their parcel. The development of the school is dependent on the building out of the surrounding neighborhoods.

The transportation network is undergoing several changes that impact the study area. The nearby Dayton Parkway Interchange project in Dayton is helping to accelerate development pressures from the northwest. Highway 610 is also planned to be extended between I-94 and County Road 30. This extension provides an opportunity to cluster appropriate density and intensity of land uses along what is expected to be a highly traveled corridor.

Erin Perdu, with WSB Engineers, said, “We also took into account when studying this area of the city plans from the surrounding cities because there are development pressures and issues that are coming at this area of Maple Grove from Rogers, Corcoran and the city of Dayton, as well as the interchange to the north.”

She stated interviews were conducted with the stakeholders, and they expressed a request to prevent as much cut through traffic as possible.

The roadway system would be created to accommodate future commercial and residential development of the area. The future roads would also improve access and intersection spacing along Brockton Lane.

Perdu said the parks and trails concept shows a regional trail near the Hindu temple and the wetlands. She said the land use concept is based on the comprehensive plan. There would be more density of residential developments near infrastructure and roadway capacity. “The idea is that you would have more density near the larger roads, and efficient layout for infrastructure and housing could be clustered away from some of those significant natural features, your (tree) zone, the wetland and those conservation areas, in order to preserve those as amenities for the neighborhood,” Perdu added.

The council unanimously directed the city attorney to draft a resolution adopting the Northwest-610 Master Plan.


The council also discussed the Gravel Mining Area South Master Plan

The study area is just above 400 acres in size and is located north of Interstate 94, east of Zachary Lane and west of Highway 169. Elm Creek Boulevard bisects the northern portions of the plan area. Ownership of the land area within the GMA South area is limited to a handful of entities.

Engineer Perdu said the goals discussed with city staff for the plan included taking this “transit area and create an employment focal point for the city.”

This area is primarily an industrial mining area and will most likely stay as a commercial/employment use.

“We really wanted it, because it is a gateway into the city, to be a showcase for high quality development,” she added. There would be transit and trails incorporated into the plan. Green space is also part of the plan.

Perdu said that developers expressed a desire for more flexible work spaces and not just office buildings. The plan would call for buildings to be created with high-quality design.

There is an area of the plan, located at the corner of I-94 and Highway 169 that is called the “dream space.” This would be reserved for potential multi-story office/headquarter development. “The idea being that this would present a high-quality design as you get into Maple Grove and really make a statement as you enter the city,” Perdu added.

The plan also calls for curb appeal and high end finishes along I-94 and Elm Creek Boulevard.

Councilor Karen Jaeger asked of the area, “If this comes to building out, is this 20 years?” Mayor Mark Steffenson said the area would be built out over then next 30 to 40 years.

Perdu said some of the developments in the area would be sooner. Joe Hogeboom, Director of Community and Economic Development added, “We are actively speaking with developers that are interested in sites, mostly to the west of the area. A full build out would be 30 to 40 years, but I think you can probably see something coming across your desk within the next year.”

The council approved directing the city attorney to draft a resolution approving the Gravel Mining Area South Master Plan.

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