Maple Grove supports Hwy. 610 completion

This map shows what needs to be done to complete the final segment of the Highway 610 Extension project. There are two final phases, which are shown in the red and yellow lines.

At its Sept. 3 meeting, the Maple Grove City Council gave its support for the Highway 610 Extension project.

Over the years the city, MnDOT and Hennepin County have been working together on the development and the design of the Hwy. 610 Extension project. The last portion of the corridor was completed in 2017, with the extension of Hwy. 610 from County Road 81 to Interstate 94.

There are currently only two phases that remain in the MnDOT-approved layout. The first phase would be the completion of Hwy. 610 connections to I-94. The second phase would be a 610 extension to County Road 30, creating a new County Road 610.  

The final steps would create an access from westbound Hwy. 610 to eastbound I-94, including a bridge over the Hwy. 610 connect to I-94 and bridges over I-94, an access from westbound I-94 to the future westbound County Road 610, and other connections.

The project would also create an auxiliary lane on I-94 between Maple Grove Parkway and the south ramps of the proposed I-94/Brockton Lane interchange to improve traffic flow and safety concerns.

The proposed County Road 610 would be a new four-lane divided roadway between County Road 30 and Hwy. 610. County Road 30 would be realigned to form a new signalized intersection with County Road 610, and a traffic signal would be installed at the proposed County Road 610/eastbound I-94 on-ramp intersection.

There would also be a multi-use trail constructed along the south side of the future County Road 610.

According to a staff report, “In order to complete the Hwy. 610 connections to I-94 portion of the overall Hwy. 610 project, the city of Maple Grove is once again working with Hennepin County and MnDOT in order to complete the necessary updates to the interstate access request, environmental documents and secure the necessary funding.”

The total costs for the final two phases is estimated to be $48 million.

The funding still remains the largest hurdle in the project’s completion. Last summer, city staff submitted an application to pursue a Metropolitan Council Regional Solicitation fund, and was awarded $7 million in funding this past January. City staff is now planning to pursue MnDOT’s Transportation Economic Development program funding this month.

The council adopted its support for the Highway 610 Extension project, and directed staff to complete the necessary updates to the environmental documents and pursue necessary funding to complete the final phases of the project.

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