Maple Grove looks to improve Fountains intersection

The Maple Grove City Council approved street improvements to Fountains Drive and the intersection with Fountains Way at its March 16 meeting. There have been sited safety concerns and congestion in the Fountains at Arbor Lakes development.

At its March 16 meeting, the Maple Grove City Council approved improvements to the main roadways in the Fountains at Arbor Lakes development. Traffic and safety concerns have been cited.

The council also decided to apply for a Hennepin County Corridor Planning Program grant.


The council approved ordering and receiving a feasibility report for the Fountains Intersection Improvements street and utility project.

The Maple Grove Engineering Department has received numerous complaints from residents and city staff regarding the congestion at the Fountains Drive and Fountains Way intersection in the Fountains at Arbor Lakes development. There have also been complaints of the reduced capacity at Zachary Lane and Elm Creek Boulevard, specifically the limitation of the single left turn lanes.

According to a staff report, city staff has also been made aware of circulation issues and safety issues along Fountains Way, between Hemlock Lane and Fountains Drive.

The street and utility project for the Fountains would be located along Fountains Drive, between Elm Creek Boulevard and Zachary Lane. This is the main road that flows traffic through the Fountains at Arbor Lakes. The main improvements will focus on the intersection of Fountains Drive and Fountains Way.

“Currently, the intersection has major backups on the easterly leg of Fountains Way, which causes blocking of the intersection and delays in all other legs of the intersection,” the staff report said.

It has also been reported there are a large number of U-turns made from southbound Fountains Drive to northbound Fountains Drive, which slows traffic and creates a safety issue with right turns from Fountains Way.


Also during the meeting, the council approved identifying the need for corridor planning program funding through Hennepin County and authorized an application be submitted for grant funds.

Every year, Hennepin County offers grant funding to cities for its Corridor Planning Program. These funds support planning activities along transportation corridors. Types of planning activities includes: studies, plans, designs for land use, market feasibility studies, public realm improvements, bicycle and pedestrian connections, stormwater management, and sustainability improvements.

According to city staff, cities are eligible applicants through the program and can apply for a maximum award of $50,000. The county program does require a monetary match based on population size, in which Maple Grove would have a 50% required match if it receives funding.

The city would like to apply for funds that would be used to further study the Main Street corridor, which would coincide with upcoming infrastructure improvements along the roadway.

Councilor Kristy Barnett said, “I think we should do this, considering that Main Street is something we are looking to improve at this time. And it doesn’t cost us anything to apply for the grant. If we don’t receive it, we can decide what to do at that time. Might as well try to get county dollars for some improvements in Maple Grove.”


In other action, the council:

APPROVED the hire of Mackenzie Alleman to the position of Community Service Officer Coordinator effective March 23, subject to a 12-month probationary period.

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