The Maple Grove City Council took up requests for liquor licenses for the new HyVee in Maple Grove, along with a liquor license request for Wahlburgers.

Also during the meeting, the council considered a development stage plan for 9815 Maple Grove Parkway, along with a 10-lot residential subdivision call Howell Meadows.


In related matters, the council considered several actions involving liquor sales at the HyVee located at 18755 70th Way N., in the Markets at Rush Creek development.

The council first approved the on-sale/Sunday sale intoxicating liquor license for HyVee Market Grille Express. Secondly, the council approved the off-sale intoxicating liquor license for HyVee Wine and Spirits,  Finally, the council approved the off sale 3.2% liquor license for HyVee food store.

All three licenses are subject to compliance with liquor license requirements of city code.

Jack Stortenbecker, store manager for the Maple Grove HyVee, said all IDs would be scanned for every transaction in all areas of the Maple Grove HyVee dealing with liquor sales.

Councilor Phil Leith asked if there was a tentative date the store would be opening by. Stortenbecker said he couldn’t give a specific date but it was getting very close to opening. It could possibly be open within October.


The council approved the on-sale/Sunday sale intoxicating liquor license for Wahlburgers, 11852 Elm Creek Blvd., subject to compliance with liquor licensing requirements of city code.

Wahlburger’s is a restaurant chain started by brothers actor Mark Wahlberg, actor/singer Donnie Wahlberg and chef Paul Wahlberg. The Maple Grove restaurant, which is being opened by franchisee Hyvee, will feature burgers, sandwiches, fries, onion rings and tater tots. There is also a drink menu.

Wahlburgers could open as soon as late December or early January, according to Director of Community and Economic Development Joe Hogeboom.


In other matters, the council directed the city attorney to draft a resolution approving the 9815 Maple Grove Parkway non-residential development stage plan, subject to several conditions.

The plan includes constructing a single-story 6,000-square-foot multi-tenant building. This proposed building is on the northern portion of a recently approved lot split for the Taco Bell development in the Grove area.

The known user of this new building is a dental office, which would occupy 2,450 square feet of the new building. The other user is not known currently.

The building will feature two shades of earthen tone brick and large windows on the exterior. The proposal also offers 21 primary parking stalls.

“There are supposed to be two users,” Councilor Leith said. “One is a dental office, other is unknown but is supposed to be a medical user. If, down the road, they can’t get a medical user and want to put a food place or anything else, I’m assuming that would have to come back to us at that point.”

City Planner Manager Peter Vickerman said it would depend on if there were any big parking issues with the user. “I think if it was a typical office use it would fit in under this,” he added.


Also during the meeting, directed the city attorney draft a resolution approving the Howell Meadows concept stage plan. The project would consist of developing a 10-lot residential subdivision, located east of Brockton Lane/County Road 101, south of Fieldstone Boulevard and just north of 64th Avenue.

The original plan for the area called for 11 lots, but one lot was eliminated to not impact wetlands as much.

“Part of the recommendation would be for a trail connection between cul-de-sacs to provide pedestrian movement, especially up to Gleason Fields Park,” Vickerman said. “It would also be upgraded to provide emergency vehicle access.”

Councilor Judy Hanson at the Planning Commission meeting neighboring residents to this development expressed they were in favor of the Howell Meadows proposal. “Is that correct?” she asked.

Hogeboom said, “That is correct. At the last planning commission meeting there were a handful of residents that spoke.”


In other action, the council:

ACCEPTED donations from the Maple Grove Firefighters Relief Association in the amounts of: $30,000 to the Maple Grove Fire Department, $9,425 to the Maple Grove Fire Explorer Post 3777, $1,600 to the Maple Grove Police Explorer Post 3775, and $4,000 to the Maple Grove Police K9 Unit.

APPROVED the hiring of Samuel Walden to the position of Water/Sewer Maintenance I in the Public Works Department effective Sept. 9, subject to a 12-month probationary period.

APPOINTED Kenneth Nelson to the position of combination plans examiner/building inspector in the Building Department effective Sept. 9, subject to a 12-month probationary period.

APPROVED the hiring of Dominick Bouta and Scott Long to the position of police officers effective Sept. 4, subject to a 12-month probationary period.

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