Maple Grove approves Boston Scientific expansion

On Aug. 5, the Maple Grove City Council approved plans for a Taco Bell restaurant in the Grove area, across from Maple Grove Hospital.

At is Monday, Aug. 5, meeting, the Maple Grove City Council approved an expansion for Boston Scientific.

The council also approved a concept and development plans for a new Taco Bell, which would be located near Maple Grove Hospital.


Jesse Corrow, Maple Grove Associate Planner, told the council the applicant was seeking approval for a development stage plan for the purpose of constructing a 107,483-square-foot two-story addition and new exterior patio area on the east side of building 2 on the Boston Scientific campus. The campus is located at 2 Scimed Place, just off of Weaver Lake Road.

The existing campus is comprised of three buildings on a combine area of 68 acres. The first building was constructed in the late 1980s, building 2 was constructed in the 1990s, followed by construction of building 3 in the mid-2000s. There is a possibility of a future fourth building and parking structure.

Currently, Boston Scientific employs more than 4,000 people and operates on a 24-hour day, seven day a week schedule.

The plans for the expansion include demolishing a one-story portion of existing building 2, to make space for the proposed two-story addition. Corrow said the addition would consist of office and production spaces, a new cafeteria, exterior patio and additional storage.

“The existing service road will be rerouted around the [back] of the building, and provide access for emergency vehicles,” he added.

There is a parking lot modification project currently underway, which is adding 159 employee parking spaces. The parking lot expansion project is aimed at removing any current parking challenges and providing more parking spaces for the additional new employees that will be coming with the proposed building expansion.

A Boston Scientific representative said a portion of the existing building 2 would be taken down and the building footprint would be expanded out. Most of the expansion would be located at the back of the building.

Councilor Karen Jaeger asked of the additional parking spaces, “Why do you need all of those?” The applicant said because employees work all day, during three different shifts, and the first and second shifts overlap.

The council directed the city attorney to draft a resolution approving the Boston Scientific East expansion development stage plan, subject to several conditions.


Also during the meeting, the council directed the city attorney to draft a resolution approving the Taco Bell concept amendment and development plan.

Corrow said the applicant was proposing a 2,706-square-foot Taco Bell restaurant with a drive-through. The concept plan amendment includes re-platting the existing parcel into two separate lots — the northern part would be used for a future 6,000-square-foot one-story dental clinic and other medical uses, and the southern portion is for the Taco Bell.

The new restaurant would be located along Hospital Drive, just north of Maple Grove Parkway and across from Maple Grove Hospital.

There are spaces for eight vehicles to stack in the drive-through lane. There are anticipated back ups on the south drive entrance, as it would be the site’s primary access.

The building would be made from the a gray brick veneer wrapped around the lower half of the entire building and accented with bronze colored slat wall on end of the building.

Councilor Judy Hanson asked, “The changes made to address the traffic backs were reviewed again by the Planning Commission?”

Corrow said they were and a traffic study was conducted for the Grove area. “Results of that study showed the potential for back ups on Hospital Drive,” he said. City staff offered improvements for the site, which include signage and striping to further define the exit lanes and minimize the potential that vehicular queues will block access to the site. Another option would be extend the median to create a right-out only for exiting traffic and direct incoming traffic to an entrance point further to the east.

“It will be monitored and if back ups to occur, there is that option to extend the median in to prevent back ups,” Corrow said.

Barbara Schneider, with Border Foods, stated after discussions with city staff, the drive-thru was re-routed and could now stack up to 10 cars.


In other action, the council:

ACCEPTED the retirement of Fire Department Captain Andrew Willenbring. He had been a captain at Station 1 since 2018, a lieutenant and firefighter for the city for 17 years.

DECLARED a public nuisance and ordering abatement on the property located at 12575 Elm Creek Blvd., AMC Theatre. Property maintenance violations include: excessive trash, dead and dying vegetation and trees, tripping hazards, potholes in parking lot, significant cracks in sidewalks, and overgrown grass and weeds.

APPROVED the on sale wine and 3.2% liquor license and an off sale 3.2% liquor license for Residence Inn/Springhill Suites Arbor Lakes, 11655-11675 Arbor Lakes Parkway.

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