The Dayton City Council moved forward with plans for the Cubes at French Lake industrial development at its Sept. 28 meeting.

The council also considered improvements to fire stations one and two.


The council continued discussing the proposed Cubes at French Lake project. At the Aug. 24 meeting, the council previewed the application for a 996,960-square-foot industrial, warehouse and distribution building located on the former French Lake Golf Course property. The project would be located north of County Road 81 and 113th Avenue and south of 117th Avenue.

There will be three access points to the site – all from the future Dayton Parkway.

Trailer storage will be along the north side of the property.

The applicant anticipates the possibility of 400 full-time jobs being created from this proposed use.

At the Sept. 28 meeting, City Administrator Tina Goodroad said the user of the facility has not been disclosed yet.

She added the applicant has reduced a trailer storage area in the southwest corner of the site, along County Road 81, and additional berming and landscaping has been provided.

Goodroad said the Planning Commission added a condition requiring an updated traffic study if any change in tenant user exceeds 30 delivery vehicles during a peak hour.

The council approved the preliminary site plan, development plans and development agreement for the Cubes at French Lake. The council also approved rezoning the property from agricultural to light industrial.


Also during the meeting, the council considered improvements for fire stations one and two. The improvements include interior painting, fall protection in the hose tower and an HVAC system in the station offices.

Bids for the interior painting came in from Top Notch Painters ($10,185), Chrave Davis ($15,214), and Greenwood Painting ($25,000). Bids for the hose protection were from Safe-Fast ($4,812), Nothland Safety Solutions ($6,180), and Engineered Supply ($19,015). The bids for the HVAC units were from Assured Heating ($13,055), Comfort Matters ($13,597), and Architect Mechanical ($19,620).

Councilor Travis Henderson asked if Comfort Matters has the service agreement for all the HVAC units within city buildings. Public Works Director Marty Farrell said Comfort Matters did in the city hall building and the activities center/fire station one.

“I’m just looking over the bids and something just struck me as odd,” Henderson said. “I would like to see us go with Comfort Matters’ bid because when I looked at Assured Heating’s bid, I was looking at the electrical side of things, and it says here they are only budgeting $1,000 for the electrical bid. And then the change orders come in and it costs more when everyone’s bid was almost double that for the electric side. I am trying to elevate the loophole that we may run into.”

He added Comfort Matters would put the HVAC units on the walls, which can promote longevity of the units.

A total of $37,000 has been budgeted for the three improvements. The total financial impact will be $28,594.

The council approved Top Notch Painters for the interior painting, Safe-Fast Inc. for the fall protection in hose towers and Comfort Matters for the HVAC system in the offices at stations one and two.

The fire department is also looking to replace the garage doors and concrete pads at both fire stations. An additional concrete turnaround is sought for station two. Assistant Fire Chief Kevin Astrup said in a staff memo that his waiting on updated quotes from concrete and garage door vendors. This information will be presented at a future meeting.

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