At its Sept. 8 meeting, the Dayton City Council approved its 2021 proposed general fund budget.

The council also approved a policy change for open forum, which only allows people in attendance at meetings to hear comments during open forum. Any public comments will not be broadcast on the meeting’s live stream or videos.

Mayor Tim McNeill said, “Open forum is still open to the public, however questions and statements for open forum are only being taken in person.”


The council approved the preliminary tax levy for 2021 and the proposed EDA levy. The city is approving a preliminary balanced budget between expenditures and revenues.

Revenues in 2021 are proposed to be $4,751,180, an increase by 14%  or $566,104, from the adopted 2020 revenue budget of $4,185,076.

Property taxes are anticipated to go up to offset the increase in the expenditures.

Expenditures in 2021 are proposed to be $4,751,180, or an increase of 14% over the 2020 budget.

The biggest changes in expenses include: some city employee wage increases, and increases to assessing, audit, recycling and inspection services.

The EDA levy is proposed to be $167,760. This will allow greater flexibility for the EDA to conduct more economic development activities.

“Why are we doing that?” Councilor Julie Gustafson asked about an $60,000 in their budget.

McNeill said, “They have identified a variety of things that they want to do in the future, which they don’t have funding for at all. Improving the historic village. Improving the Balsam area. Potential projects around the gateway area.”

The tax levy for 2021 is proposed to be $535,527, including the EDA levy. This is an increase of 10.18%, compared to a 14.4% increase last year.

The council is required to adopt its preliminary budget by the end of September. The budget cannot be raised, only lowered between now and when the final budget is adopted in December.

McNeill asked members of the council to contact City Administrator Tina Goodroad with any changes or shifts in the proposed budget prior to December.


In other action, the council:

APPROVED the agreement between the city and Access Networks, Inc. This agreement will use $178,271 of CARES Act funding for deployment of broadband at the Fernbook/123rd tower and deploying “stadium” wireless system in Dayton Park Properties in cooperation with the city and school district providing reduced cost high-speed internet to students.

APPROVED a trail connection agreement with Three Rivers Parks District for a local trail connection to the Elm Creek Park Reserve at the corner of Fernbrook Lane and Elm Creek Road.

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