The Albertville City Council approved an amendment on the Kingston Crossing Apartments’ design at its Oct. 4 meeting, allowing for the complex to have fewer apartment units and more amenities. The apartments will be located at the northwest quadrant of the County Road 19 and 53rd Street NE intersection.

The new plan subtracts 11 units from the design, allowing for 174 units (148 apartment units and 26 townhomes). The apartment building will now also be separated into two distinct west and east buildings.

There will also be a clubhouse that will consist of management offices, a common room and a pool.

“The townhome product in our opinion is superior to what was offered originally,” City Planner Al Brixius said.

“What prompted the change?” Councilor Walter Hudson asked the president of Kuepers Inc., Steve Kuepter, who was a guest at the council meeting. Kuepers Inc. is the development company for the Kingston Crossing project.

“The way the old configuration was, the townhomes didn’t have any access to the amenities,” Kuepter said. “We wanted to beef up the amenities. I thought a pool was pretty important and now it’s inclusive to both the apartment buildings and the townhomes.”

Kuepter also explained why the apartments would now be two separate buildings and why 11 units were subtracted.

“Instead of having 150 units under one roof, just breaking down the mass makes [the apartments] a little more manageable to operate,” he said.

Mayor Jillian Hendrickson asked about the lighting outside of the apartments in the parking lots and streets.

“It’s all downward facing lighting, but I believe it’s all well lit,” Kuepter said. “Lighting is something that’s nice to have.”

The townhomes are planned to be constructed in 2021-22, the west apartment building in 2021-22, the east apartment building in 2023-24 and the clubhouse in 2023-24.

“It seems like this project gets better and better every time we see it,” Councilor Rob Olsen said.


The St. Michael City Council also:

Public Works Director Tim Guimont gave a public works update. The skate park located at Central Park, 5801 Lander Avenue has been seeded and they will be planting trees and shrubs soon. Public Works reseeded Lions Park located at 5801 Main Ave NE.

Approved the purchase of a new Bobcat L28 small articulated loader and attachments for $45,296 for public works. The Bobcat will be used to snowplow sidewalks in the neighborhoods.

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