Student organization at MGSH promotes good decisions and prevents chemical usage

by Sage Larson

MGSH STaff Intern

Action For Reaction (AFR) is a student organization at Maple Grove Senior High that promotes making good decisions and having fun without using chemicals. They present their message through different projects throughout the school year.

Designing the back of the students’ planners is one of their projects. The students within the group collaborate a creative yet informative design that includes their message on the back of the MGSH planner. This year, the design has different pathways with signs pointing in different directions, promoting the safe and positive aspects of high school.

Olivia Trudeau, a junior at Maple Grove Senior, is the current chair of AFR. Olivia joined because when she attended Maple Grove Junior High, she was a member of PROS (Positive Role Models Offering Support) and wanted to continue helping promote the positive message; she has been a part of AFR for two years now.

“Designing the back of the planners is my favorite project during the year because it allows us to be creative while promoting a positive message,” Olivia added.

Action For Reaction participates in the T2T (Teen 2 Teen) campaign, a campaign that runs during prom and graduation season to encourage teens to stay away from alcohol and drugs. The T2T campaign is based in Maple Grove due to the high participation — over 150 students, parents, and teachers signed the pledge to prevent (for parents and teachers) or have (for students) a safe and sober prom this year. Action For Reaction focused hard on advocating the message at MGSH; and due to its success, Osseo, Park Center, Cooper Armstrong, and St. Michael joined the campaign as well.

Other projects AFR participates in are the Friends, Fun, and Free campaign, the sticker shock project, a poster campaign, and a volleyball tournament.

The students also partake in the Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Youth Leadership Retreat. At the retreat, the students work with students from all over the state to think about how to send the idea that one can have fun without using chemicals.

“The MADD Retreat was really cool. We got to see the process broken down on how to get the message across and how to make an action plan,” Olivia stated.

“When the students came back, they were really excited for our future projects,” added Matt Detloff.

Detloff, world history teacher at Maple Grove Senior High and economics teacher at Osseo Junior High, is the advisor for AFR.

He said, “In high school, I had friends that drank, but I never got involved. Now, I want to show students that you can have fun without drinking or using drugs. The advisory position for AFR was open, so I signed up.”

This is his first year as an advisor and he has done a tremendous amount of work for the organization. For his first year, his goal was to make AFR more publicized — his goal was met. The group started off with five students, and now the group has twenty students that consistently show up and help with the projects.

“Mr. Detloff is a great advisor, he’s so enthusiastic about our group and what we do,” Olivia noted.

Not only does Detloff advise this group, he also is a football coach, an active member of the MG Leadership Committee, and the announcer for boys basketball.

Students interested in the organization can join whenever they please, no prerequisites are needed.

“Next year, I want Action For Reaction to grow, to become more interactive with what we do with the school, have activities during lunch and foundations, and I want conversations to start and finish about our message,” said Detloff.

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