Neighbors helping neighbors. One Maple Grove business is giving back to the community. In these times of uncertainty, paying for an oil change can cause some people to worry.

But, Christian Brothers Automotive in Maple Grove is doing something to help out community members in need. The business opened its garage doors in January.

As part of National Service Day, Christian Brothers Automotive has been giving free oil changes to those in the community who need a little help. National Service Day is typically the second Saturday of October. This year, Christian Brothers has extended its day over a two week period.

“It’s a consorted effort to serve the underprivileged or those in need,” Jon Nelson said. He and his wife Emily own the new Maple Grove location.

There is an emphasis on free oil changes and light repairs for free.

Nelson the shop had originally planned to have a big event Oct. 10 with the oil changes, along with a bouncy house and food truck. Due to COVID-19, those plans changed.

Last week and this week, the Maple Grove location has been doing free oil changes to those in need.

Getting a free oil change doesn’t mean just anyone can come to the shop for one. Christian Brothers reaches out to the community and asks people to nominate someone in need.

Nelson said they have partnered with three local groups — Edinbrook Church in Brooklyn Park, Treehouse Ministries and Mobile Hope — to help identify people who could use “the blessing” of a free oil change.

“Some of the people we have identified are past customers,” he added.

As of last week, there were around 15 people scheduled for free oil changes. “I know of them was in and had an issue with her exhaust,” Nelson said. “She decided she was going to purchase her own part and we are going to put in for her.”

He added that the team at Christian Brothers is excited about the event and try and make a difference in people’s lives.

“If there are individuals who are really struggling and in need of a free oil change, we would be happy to talk with them and see if we can get them scheduled,” Nelson said. “We are asking for a reference or referral from a community leader or someone working in social work or nonprofit ministry.”

He added he plans to continue the National Service Day every year.

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