Residents of Champlin will be voting Tuesday, Nov. 3, to fill two positions on the Champlin City Council. There are two city council seats open (Wards 3 and 4). The councilors in Wards 3 and 4 serve four-year terms.

The candidates appearing on the ballot for Ward 3 are Jack Joa and incumbent Nate Truesdell. The candidates appearing on the ballot for Ward 4 are Sam Mwangi and Ryan Sabas.

The candidates were asked to include their thoughts in statements. Each were asked to include a short biography of themselves and their backgrounds as well as their personal and professional experiences. They were also asked to comment on two questions that were asked. (See questions belows in each statement).

The responses received include


Jack Joa

Biographical information:

Address: 7450 River Shore Lane North, Champlin, Minnesota, 55316-2141

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Justice & Peace Studies from The University of St. Thomas

Occupation: An Opioid Response Project Coordinator with the Minnesota Department of Corrections

Community Involvement: An election judge for the City of Champlin, a Minnesota Senate District 36 Director, an advocate for the preservation and growth of Champlin’s riverfront, and an Enumerator with the United States Census Bureau serving Champlin and its surrounding communities.

Contact information:

Questions for City Council Candidates

1. What adjustments, if any, should be made to the city’s budget?

For the most part, the residents of Champlin seem to be fairly happy with the current services provided, which to me is a huge indicator as to whether or not adjustments need to be made. So, at this time, I would not suggest any major adjustments. The one area that there was noted concern by residents, and I would like to take a closer look at and see if we could allocate more money toward, is that of Public Works. Public Works, which only makes up 17% of the city budget, encompasses maintenance and improvements to city owned land, buildings, and other infrastructure and utilities such as streets and sewers. I would look at other areas of the budget to see if there is a possibility to cut back some funds so that at this time, we can be more proactive on street infrastructure and maintenance.

2. What are you plans for the city taxes for residents?

I do not have any plans to change the current tax rate. At the current rate, we seem to be able to provide all of the necessary services for the city, while being at a rate the residents of the city are comfortable with. According to the 2017 Champlin Resident Survey, 78% of residents surveyed said they were in favor of maintaining the current tax rate.

Nate Truesdell

Biographical information:

Address: 1203 Heard Avenue

Education: High School

Occupation: Service and Parts Director (Automotive Dealership)

Community involvement: Current City Councilor, former Planning Commissioner, Church Volunteer, School Volunteer

Contact information:

Questions for city council candidates:

1. What adjustments, if any, should be made to the city’s budget?

Not a ton. I will say that my focus is on streets and getting them improved. Also, we need to double down on our parks system and focus on promoting pollinator friendly parks. I will continue to focus resources towards our Police and Fire Departments. They’re vital and appreciated. I will continue to focus on businesses. Champlin would not be what it is without our businesses. We are working towards this currently with grant programs and support for our businesses.

2. What are your plans for the city taxes for residents?

That is a loaded question. I can’t think of anyone on our current Council that would say I haven’t fought for cost control and lowering the tax burden for our residents. With that, I will spend tax dollars when it makes sense or when it comes to resident safety or roads. I like bang for the buck. The city has always been admired for our taxes compared to similarly sized cities in the area.


Samuel M. Mwangi

Biographical information:

Address: 11213 Kentucky Ave N, Champlin, MN

Education: Bachelor of Science

Occupation: Executive Director -Global Fatherhood Foundation, USPS Mail Technician

Community involvement: Executive Director-Global Fatherhood Foundation, Minnesota Department of Health-MDH Care Advisory Home Committee, Anoka Hennepin Foundation Board Member, Metropolitan State University Alumni Board Member, member of NHCC Alumni Leadership Council, member of Campaign For Black Male Achievement, Founder of ‘Global Fatherhood Foundation  Award’ honoring Minnesota and global fathers, and Champlin-Environmental Commissioner-Ward 4- 2015-2016

Contact information: (763)647-9787

Questions for city council candidates

1. What adjustments, if any, should be made to the city’s budget?

I propose to  waive penalties on property tax for 120 days, and the City to provide resources on any property tax relief available to constituents.

2. What are you plans for the city taxes for residents?

America has changed drastically over the past month due to the spread of COVID-19. Unemployment rates are up, many businesses are closed, and most kids are doing e-learning at home. In response to these changes, state and national agencies have issued stimulus checks and relief funds in an attempt to soften the economic blow on individuals and our nation as a whole.

In Champlin, I would like to proposed a no change or no increase in residential taxes for one year to the constituents, to ease taxpayers’ burdens and support businesses and individuals with cash flow problems, or with difficulties in meeting tax reporting or payment obligations or otherwise facing hardship.

Ryan Sabas

Biographical information:

Address: 11816 Mississippi Drive N. Champlin MN 55316

Education: Highest level of degree Champlin Park High School 12th Grade & Real Estate degree Kaplan University

Occupation: Champlin City Councilman Ward 4, Real Estate Agent & Landscape Business owner

Community involvement: 2016 – Present Current Champlin City Councilman Ward 4, Parks & Rec Commissioner 2012-2016, CDAA Coach

Contact information: 763-218-7569 Call or text


Questions for city council candidates

1. What adjustments, if any, should be made to the city’s budget?

After being knee deep in 4 consecutive years of budget decisions and always having a balanced budget in Champlin as your councilman we do a extremely great job of running our city very conservatively. If someone running for office makes promises to cut spending or taxes in the City of Champlin the only possible way for that to happen would be to cut core city services. To me that is irresponsible and not an option. If you compare Champlin to any of our neighboring cities we rank near the top year in and year out for costs per capita.

I will continue to fully fund our police department to whatever degree it takes to maintain a safe community for all of us to live in. Champlin will not fall to the high violent crime as some of our neighboring communities have.

2. What are you plans for the city taxes for residents?

We need to continue responsible development & redevelopment throughout the city.  

As we did with the Mississippi Crossings development. This will bring immense wealth to our city for an area that was once dilapidated apartments with high crime. I ran on this issue 4 years ago and got it done. Also, work to put in a neighborhood reinvestment program to keep the values of some of our older neighborhoods up which in turn will keep property taxes up. Along with keep crime out of our city.

I know this city; I understand this city.  I will not be learning on the fly while risking your money. I have a complete understanding on how to perform my job as Ward 4 City Councilman.  

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