To the Editor:

I would appreciate help from others in the Senate District 34 to request that our Senator Warren Limmer as the chair of the Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Finance and Policy Committee  will schedule a hearing for the MN Equal Rights Amendment (SF 200).

He has so far refused to schedule this and has told others that he hasn’t heard from people that they want this.  Could other constituents contact him by mail or email and urge him to put the best interest of our state and country above any political pressure to suppress this bill?

The bill will assure that all Minnesotans will be treated equally under the law regardless of gender.

I am part of a group called the American Association of University Women and at least 30 people have written him letters and emails to bring the bill up for a hearing. His address is 95 University Ave. W, Minnesota Senate Bldg, Room 3221, St Paul, MN 55155.  Email:    

Mary Moriarty

Maple Grove

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