Last week, the Crow River News recognized the winners of academic awards in the freshman, sophomore and junior classes at St. Michael-Albertville-High school. This week, the senior class of 2020 is up.

The class of 2020 has experienced a senior year like no other – not just at STMA but all across the country. The COVID-19 pandemic and the closing of schools starting in March has left the seniors without many of the special events that mark the last days of high school, including prom and other social events, a final spring sports season and of course, a grand graduation ceremony.

Instead of all that, the seniors have completed their school days at home, taking online classes and waiting for life to return to normal. Any spring sports athlete who is not bound for collegiate competition was surprised to find out that his or her career ended sometime in 2019. No class in living memory has missed out on so much.

To introduce the list of senior honorees, we reprint STMA’s statement:

“Although unable to assemble and create the fanfare that typically goes along with the distribution of academic awards, STMA High School is still recognizing approximately 470 students for their academic success during the 2019-2020 school year. The awards honor students for their commitment to learning and for their achievement in the classroom. These students are academic standouts. Congratulations to all award winners, and thank you to their parents and guardians for their continued encouragement and support of their education!”

Students of Excellence

The Students of Excellence are recipients of an honor given to the those with the top four GPAs in the graduating class. Due to ties, seven students qualified; the winners are Lillian Albrecht, Ella Herbst, Paige McAloon, Ashley Peters, Indigo Rowland, Maria Sylvester and Isabella Youngberg.

AAA Awards

The Minnesota State High School League honors senior boys and girls with all-around talents with the AAA Awards, the three A’s standing for Arts, Academics and Athletics. This year’s outstanding all-around Knights are Samantha Duerr and Boston Merila.

National awards

Six STMA students won national recognition for their artwork in 2019-20. Anna Belair, Ian Halvorson and Veronica Jacques won National K-12 Ceramic Exhibition honors. National Scholastic Art and Writing Contest medal winners included Natalia Figueroa (gold medal in sculpture), Ava Marquette (gold medal in drawing and illustration) and Jade Resner (silver medal in digital art).

Academic and department awards

Academic letter winners in the senior class, noted with (AL), maintained a grade-point average of at least 3.75. Those marked with an (AL*) finished their days at STMA with a 4.0 or better.

Department awards are also noted in Art (A), Business (B), English (E), English Learner (EL), Family and Consumer Science (F), Knights Academy (KA), Health (H), Mathematics (M), Music (Mu), Physical Education (PE), Science (Sc), Social Studies (SS), Technology Education and Engineering (T), World Language (W) and Wright Technical Center (WTC).

Tanvi Abraham - AL

Lillian Albrecht - AL*, E, M, SS

Tarik AlDuri - A

Vanessa Alexander - B

Kallyn Amundson - AL*, A

Abby Anderson - AL

Cassidy Anderson - AL

Dylan Anderson - SS

Jacob Anderson - AL

Jacob Asleson - B

Isabella Baldwin - Mu

Taylor Beeler - AL

Anna Belair - AL, A

Emery Bell - AL*, Mu, W

Cora Benker - AL

Tiffany Bounnakhom - AL, E

Garrett Bradt - A

Samantha Brown - AL*, Mu, SS

Collin Brunet - AL

Matthew Bury - AL, WTC

Nicholas Camp - AL

Kallie Campbell - WTC

Ellie Cary - AL

Mariah Christensen - AL

Hannah Christman - AL

Megan Copeland - B

Grace Davis - AL, E

Danay Dehmer - B

Jared Dick - AL

Samuel Dierberger - E, SS, T

Jack Dodge - AL

Samantha Duerr - AL*

Olivia Egbert - AL*

Nicholas Eicher - AL, M, Sc

Emma Ericksen - AL*, Mu

Joshua Eull - AL, A

Kayla Fairburn - AL

Grange Farr - B

Morgan Fischer - AL*, E, Sc, SS, W

Gavin Fredrichs - AL

Claire Fredrickson - B

Sophie Fritz - AL

Kolby Gartner - AL

Kyra Geiger - AL

John Gerads - AL*

Antoria Glass - WTC

Kailey Glunz - AL

Olivia Grochow - Mu, T

Alexandra Haas - Mu

Ella Herbst - AL*, E, M, W

Gabriel Hjelle - AL*, M

Brooke Hunsley - AL

Sudi Hussein - EL

Veronica Jacques - AL, A

Hunter Jans - AL

Zachary Jans - B

Erin Jensen - AL

Madison Johnshoy - AL*

Madalyn Johnson - Mu

Elizabeth Jones - A

Joshua Kainz - AL, Mu

Erna Karic - AL*

Cody Kelly - B

McKenzie Kelly - SS

Sean Kennedy - AL, B

Benjamin Kloss - Mu

Eiley Koivisto - AL

Greta Korpi - AL

Mackenzie Kramer - AL*

Jordan Krupke - B

Christian Labrador - AL*, E, M, Sc, SS, W

Skyler LaCoursiere - PE

Grace Lamprecht - AL, F

Luc Laylin - AL

Katie Lenneman - AL

Hunter Lenz - AL, W

Wyatt Lidberg - AL, B

Carter Lilledahl - KA

Anna Lindemann - AL

Thomas Litwiller - AL

Michael Malkowiak - AL

Emily Markgraf - AL, A

Garrik Martin - Sc

Paige McAloon - AL*, M, W

Jacob McIsaac - AL*, M, Sc, W

Peyton McLean - AL

Marli Meilahn - AL

Mitchell Meilahn - Mu

Boston Merila - AL

Kyle Mialkowski - AL

Sidney Mitchell - AL

Noah Ness - B

Tiffany Nguyen - A

Andrew Nietfeld - AL, M

Callie Nordberg - AL*

Samantha Och - AL

Jordyn Ohlander - B

Gabriella Olsen - AL*, E, M , SS, W

Hailey Olson - Sc

Samantha Palmer - AL*, Sc

Tessa Palmer - Mu

Brooks Parkin - SS

Madeline Patterson - AL

Samuel Patton - AL*, M, Sc

Olivia Peltz - A

Aiden Peters - A

Ashley Peters - AL*, M, SS

Abigail Peterson - AL

Nga Phan - F

Lauren Pomerleau - AL

Elle Potts - AL

Hailey Rankin - AL

Amelia Relopez - AL

Anna Relopez - AL

Jade Resner – A

Gracelyn Riedel - AL*

Taylor Ripplinger - AL, PE, SS

Griffin Roberts - AL*, E, W

Jake Roos - A

Indigo Rowland - AL*, E, M, SS, W

Jack Sander - AL

Kevin Sann - AL

Madalyn Sawyer - B

Ethan Scheelk - AL*, E, M, Sc, SS

Olivia Schepers - B, F

Valen Schmidt - F

Jane Schmitz - AL, A

Colton Schmoyer - AL

Matthew Schneider - B

Natalie Seiffert - AL

Gabrielle Shedlov - AL

Erik Snyder - AL

Olivia Sorensen - AL*

William Spalding - AL*, E

Rachel Sustacek - AL

Kyle Swenson - AL, Mu, SS

Maria Sylvester - AL*, M, Sc, SS, W

Tiffany Talley - AL*, Mu

Lillian Tennyson - AL*, E

Jilliann Testa - AL, B

Emma Thorp - AL*

Huashi Vajhmoob - Mu

Annika VanHeel - AL

Abbie Vaughan - AL*

Cody Vetsch - AL

Julia Walters - W

Theodore Weigle - AL, Mu, Sc

Elise Weinzierl - AL

Madalyn Wenner - F

Jillian Williams - A

Carter Wise - T

Isabella Youngberg - AL*, M

Kaytlin Zack - AL

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