Share memories of Then and Now with Music July 14

There will be a display of phones, then and now, at the Maple Grove History Museum during an open house Sunday, July 14, from 1 to 5 p.m. (Photo by Alicia Miller)

As Maple Grove Days comes to a close, don’t forget to stop by the Maple Grove History Museum during its open house event Sunday, July 14, from 1 to 5 p.m.

This year’s open house not only allows the public to come inside the museum and see the displays, but people can also stay for a Then and Now with music.

Maple Grove Historical Preservation Society member Lee Schreiber said he plans to share and have people attending the event share their life memories involving music.

“It’s not entertainment where a band performs,” he said. “It’s not formal history either, because that might be too boring.”

He added hopes to have participation from the attendees. “A lot of people my age come and they have stories and memories to tell,” he said. “That’s what I hope to bring out.”

Schreiber said he will be focusing on the music from around the 1950s and people’s memories and stories. He plans to entire songs, but just clips of songs where people will be able to recognize it and make some comments.

He also hopes some younger people come and hear the stories about how music effected the storytellers. The younger generation could also learn about what it was like to not have electricity.

Another bit of information Schreiber would like to find out from the attendees is if they were raised on a farm or in town, and whether they had electricity or not.

“In my younger days on our farm, we didn’t have electricity,” he said. “Having or not having electricity would make a difference on how you listened to music. I do remember my parents listening to our radio with batteries and hearing the Grand Ole Opry out of Nashville, Tennessee.”

Attendees will learn a little bit about the progression of music — from country western, pop, gospel, and R&B. Schreiber will also demonstrate how the equipment to listen to music has evolved. “I’m going to be demonstrating the forms ...  record players, cassettes, CDs and streaming music.”

The Then and Now with music will be in the public works garage next to the history museum.

There will also be some displays of phones over the years, as well as winter sleds and maps with overlays from different years.

“We are just trying to show a little bit how much things have changed,” said Maple Grove Historical Preservation Society member Joyce Deane.

Deane added the Osseo History group will have a table set up as well.

The Maple Grove History Museum is located at 9030 Forestview Lane, the south driveway. More information available at

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