Five Osseo Senior High School students recently reflected on their most memorable moments from high school and looked forward to plans after graduation. The Press worked with the staff at Osseo Senior to gather and compile the information. Each of the senior’s responses are below.

Graduating seniors from Osseo Senior High School will take the stage during commencement at 3:30 p.m. Sunday, June 12. The ceremony will be at the 3M Arena at Mariucci, 1901 Fourth St. S.E., Minneapolis.

1. What is your most memorable learning experience during your high school career?

Sharn Brar - My most memorable experience was when my photography teacher asked if

I wanted to submit one of the pictures I took in class to the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. I initially wasn’t expecting anything out of it and didn’t think I would win but then I received gold in regionals and was automatically going to nationals I began to believe I could win. I was in shock when I received gold in nationals as well and cant wait to go to Carnegie Hall for the ceremony.

Valeria Cadena Amortegui - The most memorable learning experience that I have had at Osseo Senior High is when I was in AP Macroeconomics, this year and it was a 10-person class that was about to be cut from the little number of students who joined the class. It was an extremely difficult class but because we had so few students the activities that we were assigned, we would work on them all together quickly became one of my favorite classes that I took during high school. Any confusion or questions that I had, I felt comfortable enough to ask my classmates or the teacher while in the lesson. Another close second is when I took HP English 9, freshman year where we did the curriculum and had many assignments which were boring but needed to be done, but aside from all that we would have an assignment once a week where we would do personal writing. We had 30 minutes to just write about our week or anything that was on our minds. I was able to let go of the stress I had at the time which now seems like nothing, but it was all I could think about. During the time he would let us write, I felt so relaxed and like I was the only one in the room writing which was such an amazing feeling and escape that I wish I still did.

Jerry Kohls - Having to jump in between distance and in person learning during my junior year. It was a challenge to jump in between being able to wake up 5 minutes before class and having to wake up an hour and half before school starts because I actually had to get ready.

Valencia Morris - I would say participating and helping direct Osseo speaks. I made a lot of friends throughout the process and it was so fun to see it all come together at the end. Everyone that either helped run it or was actively in it, made the show amazing to watch. I remember hearing people talk about how cool and educational the show was and how they can’t wait to see what next year is going to look like.

Alyssa Tovsen - My most memorable learning experience was participating in my school’s volleyball program. Being on a team, starting in freshman year through my senior year, has taught me so many great things. I learned how to work with others, how to be disciplined, how to stay positive when things get rough, and how to manage my time well. Most of all, volleyball has taught me how to learn from my mistakes and to focus on the future, not the past. Volleyball taught me these skills that I am gladly able to bring into the classroom as well.

2. What advice would you give to an incoming freshman to maximize their high school experience?

Brar- I would tell a freshman to stay on top of their work so they don’t have to worry about it later and can have fun and relax. I would also say to get involved as much as you can because I didn’t and I really wished I had taken the opportunities that were presented. The experiences are what stick with you and having good memories to look back on is the best part. So don’t slack off or get too engrossed in school and have fun.

Cadena Amortegui - The advice I would give to incoming freshmen is to get involved in something. You can make so many friends at Osseo in clubs and sports. We have a large variety of all different sorts of clubs for all types of interests. I did not join any clubs until my sophomore year and I was not planning on it until my older sister made me. I joined Osseo girls tennis and was able to be a part of a community and make new friends who lasted even past the season. I thought joining a high school sport was not for me because of the competitive mindset and school spirit you needed, which I had none at the time but it just comes naturally and makes the environment very enjoyable. It was nothing like I imagined I was not only learning a new sport but I was improving and having so much fun with friends. I am also a part of the Osseo choir department and I am a section leader for the altos. I have had an amazing time learning and making beautiful music and although it can be stressful at times you become part of a family that you can escape to when you are stressed. Most people take music for the easy grade but it is not only an amazing escape from the daily stress of homework and tests in other classes it is also a great environment where I have also made friends I hope and plan to stay in touch with after high school.

Kohls - Get to know the upperclassmen in any group or sport that you are a part of. I feel that it will help in regards to making you feel more comfortable coming in a new school that can be really intimidating. Take freshman year seriously. Your freshman year grades can affect what college you get into and even your future plans.

Morris - Join a club or sport. You will meet so many different people and it makes the transition from middle school to high school so much easier.

Tovsen - My advice for incoming freshmen is to get involved in some way during their high school experience. There are so many clubs, sports, and other programs that are offered here. Getting involved is a great way to meet new friends and create a new and fun experience. Not to mention that it also increases your resume when applying to colleges and jobs!

3. What are you future plans after graduation?

Brar - In the immediate future, I will be working part-time over the summer. But in the fall, I will be going to the University of Minnesota Duluth to pursue a degree in biology to become a biomedical engineer.

Cadena Amortegui - I plan to attend the University of Minnesota Twin cities and study interior design and possibly graphic design, and join a choir at the university as well as an intramural tennis team.

Kohls - I am going to study criminal justice and psychology at Hamline University, in St Paul. I am working to pursue a career in law enforcement and hopefully make it to the position of School Resource Officer.

Morris - My plans are to attend Michigan State University in the fall and major in kinesiology. I also want to do internships at physical therapy/rehab centers for athletes.

Tovsen - My future plan after graduation is to attend the University of Miami for four years. I plan to study marine biology and ecology. After that, I may want to go into veterinary school to be a marine veterinarian.

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