North Memorial integrating software to help combat opioid crisis

A group of providers met at the Minneapolis Mariott Northwest in Brooklyn Park for a symposium on the integrated software Oct. 2. Pictured from left to right are Rohaan Mehta, doctor in pain management, Meetul Shah, doctor and chief medical information officer – ambulatory, Paul Krough, in pharmacy services, Jeff Vespa, doctor and medical director, and Jeff Wigfield, outpatient pharmacy manager. (Photo by Kevin Miller)

North Memorial Health is planning to integrate access to the state’s electronic Prescription Monitoring Program directly into its electronic health records, helping to enable safer prescribing practices among clinicians and providers. That is, providers will no longer need to manually log into the state’s prescription monitoring program to search for a patient’s controlled substance prescription history. The simplified process will lessen the administrative burden of logging into multiple windows to access patient data. The process is expected to help prevent duplication of drug therapies and allow for better coordination between subscribers. North Memorial will be the first health care provider in the Twin Cities to integrate these systems.

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