Nichols running for Corcoran council

Jeremy Nichols

Jeremy Nichols is running for the Corcoran City Council special election seat. He currently works as a director at a local medical device company.  He ensures that devices and tools used by cardiologists and other clinicians are safe and effective in treating heart attacks and other related vascular conditions.  

His father had a heart attack this summer and one of the devices made by Nichols’ company helped to save his life.  “It’s remarkable to be able to make this kind of an impact for others and a privilege to help my family at the same time” said Nicholas.

Originally from Baytown, Minnesota, he grew up working in his dad’s small construction business. “In working with my hands, I developed respect for a job well-done and a wage well earned,” he said. He earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees in engineering from the University of Minnesota.  

Nichols has worked in manufacturing and medical device companies within the Twin Cities throughout his career. “I enjoy applying ingenuity to solve the problems we all face together,” he said.   

He has also earned five patents and led product development teams for pharmaceutical and manufacturing equipment being used to produce COVID-19 vaccines at several companies.

Nichols, wife SarahJane, and daughters Lily and Evie, moved to Corcoran because of its rural character, small town feel, and friendly neighborhoods. They attend Lord of Life Lutheran Church and he is active in Team World Vision.

He believes a city councilor is tasked with listening first, then applying resourcefulness and creativity to ensure the best service for residents. He is running so that the concerns of residents are given equal voice, as well as ensuring the city places greater focus on satisfying the residents and businesses of the city. Nichols wakes up each day trying to do what he can to serve his community. He is asking for resident’s votes so that he can serve them as their city councilor in the same way he has been able to serve patients, the teams he has led, and society as a whole.

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