MiniSota Play Cafe has officially opened its doors Feb. 24 in Maple Grove at the Shoppes at Arbor Lakes.

It provides the only indoor play space in Minnesota that combines an imaginative play area and a café. In an era of drive-thrus and “screen time,” MiniSota Play Cafe provides children and their caretakers a fun, clean place they both can enjoy. Plan a play date with a friend to chat over coffee while the little ones wear out their minds and bodies.

“At the beginning of 2017, I was seven months pregnant with my son,” said MiniSota Play Café Founder Mandy Wroolie. “My husband and I were working full-time jobs and trying to be good parents to our then 2-year-old daughter. Due to the lack of things to do with young children, we bought toys (with too many used once and tossed aside), went to parks (when seasonally possible) and tried to have as much play time as we could. Inevitably, the walls of our house would start caving in and I would ask myself, ‘Why isn’t there a place for us to go?’ Why isn’t there a coffee shop where we can take our kids and we won’t feel like we’re disturbing the peace or walking into ten other people’s home offices? Why, just because you’re caring for little kids, is it so hard to find a fun and safe place to meet up with friends?”

At MiniSota Play Café, kids use their imagination to experience the different “locations” within the space including:

• Mini Grove, MiniSota — The city of Mini Grove has grocery and hardware stores, a hair salon, post office, jail, hospital, coffee shop and a music store. Each area has costumes, but minimal toys to encourage cleanliness and imaginative play.

• Infant Grove Heights, MiniSota — Let your “not-yet-walking” child lay, scoot, roll, or crawl around. It’s inevitable that babies at this age will chew on anything, so feel free to bring in teething toys or let them play with “one-use-then-sanitized” toys.

• Lake MiniTonka, MiniSota — When the waters are calm (non-group class times) MiniSotans can take a boat out for a little “cruise,” do some magnetic fishing, or “swim” on our polyurethane lake. When the waters get rough, look out because the fun tide will roll in. There will be dance parties, classes for kids, craft times, and other fun group activities.

The MiniSota Play Cafe also offers the Voyager’s Café to all who come. Patrons can grab a drink or snack from Voyagers Café. There is environmentally-friendly Peace Coffee served.

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