To the Editor:

As I read the questions and answers form the school board referendum Q and A held and how the proposed monies will be spent, I think of schooling I attended. Class sizes where 60 students in a class, maybe more.

The school district didn’t burden families by placing a levy on them to create smaller class size. Overall students performed well. We never realized that class size made a difference.

Our learning motivation was from our family values and expectations of us. We basically where taught reading, writing, arithmetic, history, science and social studies. Sports was available for all who could make a team. Competition was a good thing.

As I look at my current property taxes and how this levy would increase my tax burden it is getting to the point that to live in a modest house, $260,000 value last tax statement. I will be paying roughly $100/week to live in my home. And this levy will go up with increase in property values we are seeing in the area and with inflation which we are seeing an increase in.

Maybe it’s time to move away from bring and mortar as much as we can. We can have a smaller class size if we allow in school and at home schooling at the same time.

The school should also look at ways to use its existing facilities to create revenue to help substance itself with the budget it acquires from the State to fund education, which we as taxpayers also contribute to.

Please think on how your money is used for education. It is one of the largest expenses in our country. I will have to vote no as I can not justify the increase in my household budget.

Greg Johnson

St. Michael

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