To the Editor:

Here’s an idea for a holiday gift. Consider supporting the Minnesota-based Center for Victims of Torture (CVT). I don’t blame you if you don’t think that sounds like a very festive organization. But it is!

CVT is a bright light in the lives of refugees and asylum seekers. I know because, over the past several years, I have volunteered with survivors of torture, helping them learn about their new home here in the Twin Cities and helping with their English language skills. CVT refers to the individuals who they help as “clients,” and the clients who I worked with are resilient, eager to learn about life in Minnesota, and eager to work and settle in to a safe and happy life.

My work with CVT clients has opened my eyes to the perspectives of people from other parts of the world, reminded me that the human spirit is boundless, and bolstered my own appreciation of how good it is to live in the USA.

You can help as a volunteer or by contributing to CVT. Your support of CVT makes it possible for survivors of torture, here in our community and around the world, to rebuild their lives and restore their hope. My wife and I have been donors for many years.

Go online at CVT.ORG for more information. You can help to keep that bright light shining during this holiday season and all through the year!

Eric Berglund

Maple Grove

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