To the Editor:

The past couple years I have had the pleasure of working as a volunteer coach with the Osseo Football Program. It has given me the chance to see the day-to-day duties and challenges of Head Football Coach Ryan Stockhaus. I’m retired now, but I once wanted to be a teacher and coach, but that was not the path traveled.

After observing the head coach daily grind, I often think, when does this guy eat or sleep. Coach Stockhaus is a teacher, brother, father, mentor, disciplinarian, fundraiser and counselor. He is under constant scrutiny by athletic directors, coaches, players, students, parents, booster club members and the everyday sports guy.

His day starts early and ends late at night with little time for family. It is a year-round endeavor that leaves little time for rest and relaxation. Only the disciplined, confident, passionate, and competent person can manage the job well enough to achieve satisfaction and success without losing themselves in the thousand ways of failure.

Stockhaus is held to a higher standard because of his association with students and our community, and rightly so. He is often not afforded the forgiveness for small mistakes or losing some games. The many other qualities needed to be a great coach and person are sometime lost in a losing season.

I am not a person easily impressed by others, but Coach Stockhaus has my respect for how he approaches his profession, his coaches, and his players. He is the real deal and has a bright future ahead of him. He has overcome many obstacles and has not lost his passion or his vision for his team.

So as the air changes from summer heat to football fall, take the time to thank our children’s coaches for all they do to make them better prepared for the rest of their lives. Yes, take the time to thank Osseo Head Football Coach Ryan Stockhaus and his staff for their efforts and commitment to our young men and women.

And, while you’re at it, donate to a program that’s dedicated to developing our young people beyond their athletic pursuits.

Charles Thompson


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