To the Editor:

As I read the reasoning and the amount of monies asked for in the school levy, I ask why we have a down turn in enrollment, especially with all the development that has occurred in Albertville and Saint Michael. We should be seeing an increase unless we had a large group of students who did not live in the district and choose to attend our school system.

Eighty percent is for staff. 20% for students. I think we are top heavy if most of the money is spent on staffing.

It is stated that it is only $59 per month per $250,000 home values. That equate to $708 more dollars out of a household budget per year and will only go up over the 10-year period as home values increase.

This may not seem a lot to some but to others this is a large budget item for the year to add to existing expenses. We all have a budget to live within. I can’t just ask my neighbors to provide more funding to cover my short falls. I have to budget and tighten my spending.

I think it is time to think outside of the box and reduce our need on large infrastructure buildings as we have seen with our current pandemic that we really do not need brick and motor schools. I believe we can reduce our staff size and allow more students to choose between attending class or doing so via web base platforms.

As a long-time resident and all the growth that is occurring. I would hope everyone takes time to think this over and not just vote yes as you believe it is for the students.

Greg Johnson

St. Michael

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