To the Editor:

During the longest peacetime emergency in our state’s history, Governor Walz has used his illegal executive edicts to destroy businesses in our local community, keep our students at home in front of a computer, and deny Churchgoers their Constitutional right to gather.

Gov. Tim Walz cannot be allowed to get away with the pain he has caused our friends and family. He must be impeached and removed from office. This action will show anyone who comes near the Governor’s office that this sort of tyrannical behavior is not acceptable.

When Republicans are able to overcome the very narrow DFL majority in the State House, they can officially impeach Walz. Republicans like Representative Kristin Robbins have the power to end this tyranny once and for all.

Yet, Robbins has said nothing on impeachment — despite its growing support. If she stood for the business owners, churchgoers, and families in our community, she would sign on to Articles of Impeachment right away.

If you agree, then go to to show your support.

Doug Knops

Maple Grove

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