To the Editor:

Over the past 12 months, Governor Walz has used his illegal and unconstitutional powers to drive our local shops, gyms, and restaurants into the ground.

Though the legislature has the power to put his reign to an end, Republicans have thrown their arms up and blamed the slim DFL majority in the Minnesota House for inaction.

Our district needs fighters like Representative Erik Mortensen (55A), who has introduced Articles of Impeachment against Governor Walz. Mortensen was elected on the promise of bringing accountability back to the governor’s mansion and he is keeping that promise. Can our Representative in 34A say the same?

The Minnesota House needs to put their foot down and impeach out-of-control Gov. Walz to stop the economic and social destruction. Republicans like Representative Kristin Robbins must take a stand against Walz and sign on to Mortensen’s impeachment resolution.

You and I need to demand Kristin Robbins to stand up to Walz for his abuse of power in office.

Will Kristin Robbins be the fighter our district needs in St. Paul and move to impeach Governor Walz? Or will she fall in line with the political establishment and RINOs?

Holly O’Connor

Maple Grove

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