To the Editor:

When I read about Marine Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller I thought of my good friend who lost his life in Afghanistan, Captain, Chaplain Dale Goetz. Scheller challenged the Biden administration’s catastrophic decision to abandon the Bagram Air Base and may face jail time for his heartfelt words.

Watching the video of Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller, I knew he had the same love for our country that my friend Dale Goetz had.

Two years before Dale was killed (2010) by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan, he shared with me an editorial letter he wrote: “Have you ever had something that you were so devoted to that you would be willing to die for it? Freedom is that precious to many of us. Our love for freedom is worth dying for and many have gone before us to preserve this freedom. Some love their spouse or kids enough that they would die for them. Do you love anything that much?”

Congressman Doug Lamborn felt so strongly that Chaplain (Captain) Dale Goetz was a hero that he sponsored legislation that resulted in a U.S. post office named after him on July 23, 2021.*

Dale’s wholehearted love for our freedom was inspiring.

Today, our freedom is often taken for granted. Some, sadly, hate our country so much that they terrorize law-abiding citizens by engaging in looting, arson, and other forms of violence. Feckless politicians, who tolerate their lawlessness, make the situation worse.

Leaving Afghanistan was not wrong but leaving the country in humiliating defeat was horrendous for the remaining American citizens and Afghan allies left behind. Many will likely face persecution and some death.

If President Biden was an honorable man, he would take responsibility for his actions and resign. I know that if Dale were alive, he would agree, but Biden will likely continue blaming others for his mistakes and even call his abysmal failure a “success.” Our Commander in Chief should help preserve freedom instead of abandon vulnerable Americans and our allies in a country that my friend lost his life ministering to soldiers who were defending freedom.


Russ Rooney


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