To the Editor:

There comes a time in life when you just get fed up with human responses to a life and death situation as is occurring with attitudes toward the COVID virus vaccination problem. Nobody believes in freedom to do their thing more than I do as my friends can attest to.

However, when there is a solution to a problem that will prevent possible death to me, my relatives and possibly anybody I come in contact with then common sense should rule. Instead, a large part of the population have thrown out common sense and have reverted to stupidity and ignorance while claiming the constitution allows us to decide whether to get the shot or not, which it does.

Believing in the constitution is critical, but after that it is imperative that common sense prevail. If there is no solution or a questionable one then one can understand hesitance to acquiesce to so called experts in the field. In this case, however, the virus vaccine is proven to be life saving. Only those with questionable immune systems or a valid medical reason should be excused from a vaccination requirement since the health of the country is at stake.

Jim Kelly


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