To the Editor:

Drivers on I-94 near the new Brockton Lane interchange in Maple Grove may notice fresh concrete moving over their heads.

For the first time in Minnesota, a new, innovative conveyer system will carry fresh concrete from the excavation site OVER live traffic and then into trucks for final distribution in the construction zone.

This system reduces the number of construction trucks mixing with general vehicle traffic, creating safer roadways for motorists, and a safer workplace for construction crews.

In addition, the conveyor will replace approximately 6,000 truck trips over the course of the summer, reducing vehicle emissions.

Using concrete for pavement also means there will be less required maintained and the road is expected to last 40 years or more.

Minnesota’s concrete construction crews are proud to support new ways to reduce construction time and costs.

You can learn more at the project website:

Matt Zeller

Executive Director

Concrete Paving Association of Minnesota

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