To the Editor:

Having had the privilege of interviewing abortion survivors Gianna Jensen, Melissa Ohden, and Melody Olson, I’m especially interested in limiting late-term abortions because I know that our world would be less without their life-affirming witness.

There is no doubt in my mind that US Senate candidate Jason Lewis and the other Republicans in our district would welcome these women. They would be at liberty to share their stories with him. Unlike our current Senator, he does not have a filter that clouds his vision of a late-term fetus. Lewis can view the “window of the womb” ultrasound pictures with clarity.

Abortion advocates such as Smith only embrace the dignity of a late-term fetus if the baby is “wanted.” If the baby is not wanted, then “magically” instead of a beautiful human being existing in the womb, it is just “something” needing to be terminated. It is in the best interest of Smith and other like-minded individuals to silence abortion survivors because then they don’t have to see people who were supposed to be only “things” that can be thrown away as waste.

The men and women who share their stories of surviving abortion are inconvenient truths because they require abortion advocates to grapple with their cognitive dissonance. They leave no doubt that they are human beings and not merely “things” without inherent value.

Some people will say that late-term abortions are rare, and we should focus on issues. My response so far has been met with silence when I say: “If someone wanted to kill you and it was considered ‘rare’ I would defend your life.”

If you abhor the thought of late-term abortions paid with our tax dollars, then be careful of who you vote for because someone’s life may depend on your vote.

Russ Rooney


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