To the Editor:

Governor Tim Walz has clung on to his emergency powers for nearly 16 months. In this past year, he has caused irreparable damage to the state. By shutting down our churches, businesses, and schools, Walz has defied our rights. He must be held accountable.

Unfortunately, Representative Kristin Bahner refuses to defend her district and stand up to Walz. Not only does she refuse to sign on to the popular Walz impeachment resolution, but she also refuses to vote to end his emergency powers! This madness must come to an end.

Rep. Bahner needs to stand by her constituents. Walz must face justice for what he has done and the damage he has caused. Rep. Bahner must stand with working families and vote to impeach Gov. Walz.

If you agree, please sign on to the official impeachment petition at

Cathy Walter


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