A Fall Candy Trail for kids of all ages will be Halloween, Saturday, Oct. 31, from 4 to 6 p.m. at Osseo United Methodist Church, 16 Second Ave. S.E.

The fun and candy-filled event is for everyone to enjoy in the surrounding community, youth director E.J. Lee announced.

Strict Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Minnesota Health Department (MHD) guidelines for Covid 19 will be followed, she emphasized.

“We know communities are aching and looking for a way to feel connected,” Lee said. “We want to do something to serve the Osseo, Maple Grove, Brooklyn Park and Champlin communities with fellowship.”

Osseo Fire Department will have a fire truck for people to see and Osseo police are expected to stop by to visit, according to Pastor Wes Gabel.

The safe and monitored event will feature cars lining the parking lot (socially distanced in every other parking space) with store bought and sealed candy for youngsters distributed from the trunk or from a container by the car.

All people at the vehicles will be wearing masks and gloves as well as volunteers.

All persons coming to the event are required to wear a mask. If someone does not have a mask, they will be available at the entrance. If they are unable to wear a mask, volunteers will have zippy candy bags at the entrance but they will not be able to go along the candy trail in the parking lot.

There will be one entrance with volunteers to direct walkers to the one entrance. Youngsters going on the candy trail will go into the parking lot on one side and through the lot to exit on the other side with one-way walking.

All walkers on the candy trail will stay one vehicle apart and can move forward when the site is clear at the next car stop.

Lee said volunteers and signs explaining the distancing will be amply available.

Friends and neighbors are encouraged to come to the event to see the parade of youngsters on the candy trail at Halloween.

“We hope that families and friends can look forward to this event,” said Lee. “Schools and communities are not normal. There is loss and it is difficult with hybrid schools. But this is something to do as a family with joy and light.”

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