By Rep. Kristin Robbins

Guest Columnist

Congratulations to the Class of 2020! You are graduating during historic times and you will do things that will change the course of history. You have been well-prepared by your parents, amazing teachers and others who have poured into your lives. Now you are ready to take your place as adults in a world that needs your energy, innovative ideas, and unique way of doing things.

I am your state representative, but I am also the mom of a senior this year. I am truly sorry for all the losses you have had by not finishing your this spring with all of the usual rites of passage and a well-deserved, in-person graduation surrounded by family and friends.

Perhaps more important than what you did not get to do, however, is what you did with what you have. Instead of focusing on what you have lost, you have tried to focus on helping others. I have seen posts about how Seniors were helping senior citizens, Cross Services, and others, bringing joy and hope to those isolated in our community. Well done!

I love that you have not let this pandemic stop you! You have found new ways to socialize, learn, and create fun. We need that innovative, can-do spirit more than ever.

Class of 2020, this is my charge to you: Whatever your dreams were before the pandemic – keep pursuing them. You may have to take a different path, or come up with a whole new way of doing things. It may take longer than you were planning on a few months ago – but keep going. God gave each of you unique gifts and talents because they are needed in this world at this time.

In addition to my charge, I have one important caution for you. In the adventure and excitement of the new things you will do and create, never give up the primacy of your freedom. Over-reliance on technology and government comes at a cost – the gradual loss of personal and societal liberty as companies and government increasingly track and tabulate your daily activities and “incentivize” you to adopt certain behaviors.  

Our country was founded on the principle that our liberties are a gift from God to every individual, not derived from the government. Every generation must work to preserve the idea of America – use your power and skills to preserve that same freedom for yours and future generations.

Class of 2020 – We are so proud of you! We celebrate your accomplishments and are excited about your future. Lead, create, innovate, and keep caring for one another. All the while, guard your God-given freedoms and use them to pursue your dreams!

Rep. Kristin Robbins, House District 34A, proudly serving residents of Maple Grove, Rogers, and Dayton.

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